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Corn, HRS Basis Stronger; Soybean Basis Unchanged
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Lean Hog Futures Benefit From Follow-Through Buying
3/31 04:30PM
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Prices Are Supported, But Traders Stay Cautious
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DTN Daily Ethanol Comments
Ethanol Futures Fall Sharply on Corn Weakness
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April 1 Comes a Day Early
Get Ready for Some Foolishness Following USDA Reports
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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
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A Cliffhanger of Sorts
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Cotton Rallies From Report Dip to Close Higher
3/31 02:38PM
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USDA Announces Latest Funding Round
3/31 02:00PM
Rain Wednesday for S.Plains, Southeast
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Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] May-15 378'6 2'4 379'4 376'6
Dec-15 403'0 2'2 403'6 401'0
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] May-15 982'4 9'2 983'4 972'6
Nov-15 963'0 7'6 964'0 955'0
ELEC. WHEAT[10] May-15 515'6 4'0 515'6 512'6
Dec-15 540'0 2'6 540'0 538'0
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] May-15 564'6 5'4 565'6 560'6
Dec-15 593'0 6'4 593'0 589'2
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] May-15 581'0 5'0 581'4 576'0
Dec-15 600'4 1'6 603'2 600'4
LIVE CATTLE[10] Apr-15 161.325s -1.175 162.600 161.300
Jun-15 152.325s -0.650 153.550 152.150
FEEDER CATTLE[10] Apr-15 218.125s -0.500 219.500 218.000
May-15 216.900s -0.550 218.750 216.700
MILK CLASS III[10] Mar-15 15.50s -0.02 --- ---
May-15 15.88s 0.11 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] May-15 63.00 -0.10 63.02 62.66
Jul-15 63.30 -0.16 63.30 62.93
Tue, Mar 31, 2015 10:17 PM CDT    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:03:09
Filmed:  03/31/2015
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:28
Filmed:  03/31/2015
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:03:06
Filmed:  03/31/2015
Reporter's Notebook
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Filmed:  03/23/2015
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DTN Closing Grain Comments Corn, Wheat Drop After USDA Reports 3/31 1:48PM
May corn and wheat closed sharply lower Tuesday after USDA estimated more corn acres and stocks than expected. May soybeans were able to finish higher with help from a lower-than-expected planting estimate of 84.6 million acres and slightly less stocks than expected.
Rain Wednesday for S.Plains, Southeast 3/31 2:00PM
Most areas will be dry Wednesday. Areas of the Southern Plains, Southeast and southern Prairies will see some showers, mostly light.
Dr. Dan Talks Agronomy Beans on a Budget 3/27 10:46AM
Can you trim inputs while growing soybeans in 2015? Here's a look at what you can and can't cut.
Bean Oil Health Questioned Conventional Soybean Oil Fattens Mice in New Study
Making Money With Manure - 2 States Tackle Manure Management Issues
Making Money With Manure - 3 Composting, Additives Help Manage Manure
Spring Break Report The Week Harvard University Students Came Home to the Farm 3/30 10:50AM
T.J. Menn has managed to do something no Illinois farm boy has ever done before. He's turned agriculture into a Facebook trend among students at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government in Boston.
A Profitable End Tighter Stocker Market Creates Profit Challenges
Making Money With Manure - 1 Manure Happens: How to Use it to Your Advantage
Ask the Vet Consider Culling Cows With Mastitis
Land Management
$3 Corn Subdues Bids Midwest Renters Send an SOS 3/30 12:11PM
March auctions show cash rent shocks could mount in 2016.
Soil Health - 1 Why Soil Is in the Spotlight
Soil Health - 2 Is Your Soil Breathing?
Field Filters Six Ideas to Help Treat Tile Water Before it Leaves the Farm
Farm Business
Senior Partners - 1 A Will to Save Main Street 3/27 7:39AM
Think how rural communities could rejuvenate if farmland rents stayed local rather than flowing to out-of-state heirs. That's why some farmland owners want their hometowns to inherit at least part of their land.
$3 Corn Subdues Bids Midwest Renters Send an SOS
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
Senior Partners - 2 Reward Your Hometown Team
Ask the Taxman by Andy Biebl Spare Us From IRS Repair Regulations 3/23 2:04PM
Readers pose tax questions on how to justify repairs, handle capital gains on a residence and compliance on the Affordable Care Act.
"Crimp" Your Style Two Kansas Cover-Crop Farmers Share Their Experiences With Rollers
A Possible Tier 5 Could Be Win, Win Best Buy
Feeding Hay Cut Hay Waste With Bale Feeders
Ag Policy
USDA Defines Actively Engaged Rule Change Won't Apply to Family Farm Operations 3/24 12:21PM
Under the 2014 farm bill, family operations are exempted from proposed changes in actively engaged rules. Only farm businesses defined as "non-family joint ventures" or general partnerships are affected.
Non-GM Label Bill Introduced Legislation Would Create Non-Biotech Label, Certification Program
Group Questions USDA Science Petition to USDA Demands Changes in Scientific Integrity Policies, Procedures
USDA Extends ARC-PLC Deadline Producers Now Have Until April 7 to Choose Between Commodity Programs
Farm Life
Senior Partners - 1 A Will to Save Main Street 3/30 12:05PM
Think how rural communities could rejuvenate if farmland rents stayed local rather than flowing to out-of-state heirs. That's why some farmland owners want their hometowns to inherit at least part of their land.
Farm Program Countdown - 2 Where PLC Finds its Sweet Spot
GAO Seeks Insurance Cuts Report: Reducing Premium Subsidies on Largest Farms Actually Saves Little
White House Pushes Broadband Only About Half of Rural America Has Access to High Speed Internet Under FCC Standards
Featured Column
Todd's Take You Gotta Give 'Em Credit 3/31 6:18AM
Low grain prices and early financial problems point to lower world grain yields in 2015.
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Ask the Vet Consider Culling Cows With Mastitis 3/30 11:09AM
Can a cow with mastitis be saved?