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Grain Markets: Weekly Analysis
9/19 05:52PM
DTN Daily Basis Comments
Soybean Basis "Under Water"; 33 Cents Weaker
9/19 04:26PM
DTN Closing Livestock Comments
Meat Futures Close Higher on Late-Week Short Covering
9/19 04:15PM
DTN Closing Dairy Comments
August Milk Production Up 2.6%
9/19 03:48PM
DTN Daily Ethanol Comments
Ethanol Futures Sluggish Friday
9/19 03:14PM
Juggling the Bean Harvest
Plan Ahead for Bean Fields of Varying Maturities
9/19 02:55PM
FDA to Revise Spent Grains Rules
FDA Announces It Will Revise FSMA Rules for Spent Grains
9/19 02:42PM
DTN Closing Cotton Commentary
Cotton Gives Back Last Week's Gain
9/19 02:38PM
Climate Change Echo In Farm Policy
9/19 02:15PM
Bringing in a Bumper Crop
Corn Is Still Wet, But Clock Ticks
9/19 02:04PM
Weekend Rain in Several Spots
9/19 02:03PM
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Market Matters Blog

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Grain Markets: Weekly Analysis

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Ethanol Stability Unlikely in Short Term

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Corn Is Still Wet, But Clock Ticks

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Editors' Notebook

A Peaceful Secession, Maybe

Contract Month Last Chg High Low
ELEC. CORN[10] Dec-14 331'4s -6'6 338'2 331'4
ELEC. SOYBEANS[10] Nov-14 957'0s -14'4 972'0 956'0
ELEC. WHEAT[10] Dec-14 474'4s -14'0 488'2 473'6
ELEC. HRW WHEAT[10] Dec-14 560'2s -9'4 570'0 557'4
ELEC. HRS WHEAT[10] Dec-14 535'4s -14'6 550'0 534'2
LIVE CATTLE[10] Oct-14 155.625s 0.025 156.275 155.100
Dec-14 158.700s -0.225 159.400 158.200
FEEDER CATTLE[10] Sep-14 230.600s 0.700 230.800 230.600
Oct-14 228.725s 1.025 228.725 228.200
MILK CLASS III[10] Sep-14 24.54s 0.01 --- ---
Nov-14 22.63s -0.19 --- ---
ELEC. COTTON # 2[10] Oct-14 65.99s -0.91 65.81 65.38
Dec-14 64.39s -0.66 65.12 63.70
Sun, Sep 21, 2014 1:11 PM CDT    *Quotes are in market time.
Delay is indicated in brackets.
Reporter's Notebook
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Filmed:  09/19/2014
Closing Market Comment
Length:  00:03:05
Filmed:  09/19/2014
Midday Hot Sheet
Length:  00:01:35
Filmed:  09/19/2014
Market Weather Outlook
Length:  00:02:50
Filmed:  09/19/2014
2014 Ag Summit
Length:  00:03:07
Filmed:  09/05/2014
Route 66 - 5
Length:  00:02:04
Filmed:  08/20/2014
Route 66 - 4
Length:  00:01:38
Filmed:  07/02/2014
Route 66 - 3
Length:  00:01:08
Filmed:  07/02/2014
Route 66 - 2
Length:  00:00:57
Filmed:  06/30/2014
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DTN Closing Grain Comments All Three Grains Finish at New Lows 9/19 1:57PM
December corn, November soybeans, and December Chicago wheat all closed at new contract lows Friday with the anticipation of record harvests at the forefront of market attention. The five-day forecast also added to bearish pressures with warm temperatures and chances for light rain across much of the Corn Belt.
Weekend Rain in Several Spots 9/19 2:04PM
The Northern Plains and Canadian Prairies will see some light rain. Western Texas and New Mexico will get some rain left over from former Hurricane Odile. Dry elsewhere.
Dodge Down Corn Scout Now for Stalk, Ear Rot in Corn 9/9 10:51AM
Conditions have been right for stalk rot and ear molds in corn in many parts of the Midwest this year, but some energetic, timely scouting can help you manage problem fields and minimize yield loss.
Trait Wars Continue Cargill Sues Syngenta
Grain Storage Pests Manage Mold, Insects in Stored Corn
Keep Your Cover Crops Legal Herbicide Labels and Cover Crops Don't Always Mix
Beef Checkoff Questioned Ag Secretary Expresses Frustration Over Lack of Industry Agreement 9/15 12:12PM
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Monday he might take action to offer his own changes to the beef checkoff since the beef industry has failed to reach any consensus on management changes to the program.
The BVD Problem The $100,000 Accident
Never Going Back Controlled Breeding Season Brings Price Advantages
Ask The Vet Umbilical Hernias in Calves
Land Management
Rents Resist Price Relief Big Yields Stall Cash Rent Negotiations 9/2 7:13AM
Growers in bellwether corn states expect to make money on bushels -- not price -- in 2014, farm managers contend. That's put a damper on adjusting next year's cash rents.
DTN Ag Business Benchmark Land Costs Hamper U.S. Competitiveness
Interpretive Rule Seen as Invalid House Pushes Agency on Maps; EPA Asked to Disclose Contract Details
Do a Yield Checkup Preharvest Examinations Help Select Seed for Next Year
Farm Business
Insure Your Revenue Guarantee Play Crop Insurance Defense 9/16 12:09PM
Private crop insurance riders let you lock a minimum-price crop-insurance guarantee 12 months a year, not just at planting. That deflects damage should futures prices continue to spiral below production cost by February.
Pick Contingency Plans - 2 Farm Programs Adjusted for Payment Caps and Income Eligibility
Ag Interest Rate Snapshot
Rents Resist Price Relief Big Yields Stall Cash Rent Negotiations
Farmers Pivot Back After Storms Companies Report Hundreds of Damaged Irrigation Systems Up and Running Again 8/18 12:42PM
The majority of center pivots damaged by severe weather earlier this summer in Nebraska are up and running again, according to irrigation companies in the state.
Cattle Chutes on Display at Farm Show Cattle Chutes on Display at Husker Harvest Days
To Bag or Not to Bag? Grain Bags One Option for Farmers Who Need Temporary Storage Quickly
Ag Drones Under Scrutiny Farmers Not Always Hobbyists, FAA Says
Ag Policy
GE Critics Range as Skeptics Groups Offer Scientific Panel a Range of Suggestions to Study Biotech Foods 9/18 4:41PM
An ad-hoc committee of 18 scientists is tasked by the National Research Council with examining the science and ramifications of biotech crops by looking at the history of genetic engineering and the potential the crops and biotech foods hold for the future. Speakers offered the committee a range of views from university professors and non-governmental experts who have battled over biotech crops for decades.
GE Crop History Revisited Researchers Talk About Food Safety, Regulations, Markets and Growing Weed Resistance
Senators Lament Rail Logjam Lawmakers Cite Economic Losses by Farmers in Considering New Legislation
USDA Readies Dairy Program Sign-up for New Dairy Margin Protection Program Begins Tuesday
Farm Life
Farming on the Mother Road - 8 Arizona Ranchers Cope With Long-Term Drought, Junipers and Wolf Recovery 9/15 8:48AM
Arizona ranchers are in a constant battle for grass and water. Juniper trees block sunlight that spurs grass production. Another looming concern is a possible federal plan to reintroduce more Mexican Gray Wolves into the southwest.
Farming on the Mother Road - 8 Tribal Farm Prospers Along the Colorado River
Farming on the Mother Road - 10 Agriculture Pushed Farther Into Desert Along Route 66 in California
View From the Cab Florida Farmer Plants Broccoli; Iowa Farmers Work Cattle
Featured Column
Newsom on the Market Crossing the Event Horizon 9/19 6:32AM
The situation in grains reminds me of celestial bodies and their relationship to black holes.
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