Brazil Crop Outlook - 1
Alastair Stewart South America Correspondent
Mon Oct 6, 2014 01:39 PM CDT

RIO VERDE, Brazil (DTN) -- There are small puddles all the way along the track leading up to Silvio Wegener's farm.

It has obviously rained in this corner of Brazil's center-west, which is excellent news for farmers itching to plant the 2014-15 soybean crop.

Sure enough, during a recent DTN visit to Silvio's farm, planters are motoring along the fields of his family's 4,200-acre farm in Rio Verde, southern Goias state.

"We got about 45 millimeters (1 3/4 inches) yesterday, which has created excellent planting conditions. The season has started well," the farmer told DTN.

Not all farmers have been ...

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