Sorghum's Growing Pains - 2
Emily Unglesbee DTN Staff Reporter
Thu Jul 23, 2015 06:58 AM CDT

HOUSTON (DTN) -- Bugs weren't always a concern on Spence Pennington's 10,000 acres of sorghum in Raymondville, Texas, despite the sub-tropical climate.

"We used to consider it a relatively insect-tolerant crop, but that's changed this year and last year," Pennington told DTN. "In years past, cotton was our big spraying crop -- now we're spraying grain sorghum for insects multiple times and we spray cotton significantly less. The tables have turned."

The arrival of a baffling new sorghum pest, the sugarcane aphid, and the usual mix of midge, sorghum headworm and stink bugs, are adding costs to the traditionally low-maintenance ...

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