DTN Daily Basis Comments
Mary Kennedy DTN Basis Analyst
Mon Aug 31, 2015 07:59 PM CDT

DTN Cash Change From National Contract Change from
Commodity Index Prev Day Avg. Basis Month Prev Day
Corn: $3.40 $0.00 -$0.35 Dec -$0.005
Soybeans: $8.72 -$0.01 -$0.15 Nov -$0.034
SRW Wheat: $4.26 $0.05 -$0.59 Dec $0.042
HRW Wheat: $4.24 $0.07 -$0.64 Dec $0.023
HRS Wheat: $4.57 $0.09 -$0.57 Dec $0.057


The DTN National Corn Index for Friday indicates a national average basis of 35 cents under the Chicago December futures contract, 1 cent weaker than Thursday's basis.


The DTN National Soybean Index for Friday indicates a national average basis of 15 cents under the Chicago ...

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