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Myke Feinman Refine Fuels Reporter
Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:48 PM CDT

Open market prices for 2012 biodiesel RINs recovered this week from a 39.0cts to 43.5cts range on Oct. 12 to 61.0cts to 66.0cts this morning as buyers snapped up RINs at bargain prices, according to one trade source. Those same RINs held value in early September in a $0.97 to $1.01 range but steadily dropped through last week.

"Biodiesel RIN pricing is coming back and from what we heard yesterday no one really knows why it has bounced other than theories that the RINs are too cheap for the obligated parties (who) couldn't resist buying at those levels," Katirina Tracy, ...

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