Thu Apr 18, 2013 08:39 AM CDT

OMAHA (DTN) -- The weekly export sales report was neutral to bearish for corn, bullish for soybeans and neutral for wheat, according to DTN Senior Analyst Darin Newsom.

Weekly export sales of corn showed a total of 417,200 mt (16.4 mb), with 400,300 mt (15.8 mb) for 2012-2013. This is above the 219,900 mt (8.7 mb) needed this week to stay on pace with USDA's demand projection of 800 mb. Weekly shipments of 301,600 mt (11.9 mb) were below the 420,400 mt (16.5 mb) needed this week. This report should be viewed as neutral to bearish, Newsom said. Pre-report estimates ...

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