DTN Daily Basis Comments
Mary Kennedy DTN Basis Analyst
Wed Sep 4, 2013 10:29 AM CDT

DTN Cash Change From National Contract Change from
Commodity Index Prev Day Avg. Basis Month Prev Day
Corn: $5.55 -$0.31 $0.80 Dec -$0.241
Soybeans: $14.40 $0.13 $0.53 Nov -$0.163
SRW Wheat: $6.05 -$0.05 -$0.42 Dec $0.018
HRW Wheat: $6.78 -$0.04 -$0.21 Dec $0.005
HRS Wheat: $6.84 -$0.03 -$0.41 Dec $0.023


The DTN National Corn Index for Tuesday indicates a national average basis of 80 cents over the Chicago December futures contract, down 24 cents from Friday's basis. As corn harvest continues in the south with reports of good yields, corn basis has dropped sharply. Even with some of ...

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