Mon Apr 7, 2014 08:02 AM CDT

NWS Locations Observed Water Levels
(Streamgages currently reporting water levels
most below the National Weather Service defined flood stage)
Page last modified: Monday, April 07, 2014
NWS Obs Off
ST Location Water Body Flood Level Flood
AK Eagle Yukon River 34.00 7.97 -26.03
AK Stevens Village bridge Yukon River 61.00 19.32 -41.68
AR Berryville Kings River 31.00 5.22 -25.78
AR Fulton Red River 27.00 -0.47 -27.47
AZ Alamo Lake Bill Williams River 1235.00 1089.89 -145.11
AZ Coolidge Dam Gila River 2515.00 2432.81 -82.19
AZ Painted Rock Lake Gila River 661.00 535.11 -125.89
CA Bend Bridge Sacramento River ...
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