DTN Daily Ethanol Comments
Rick Kment DTN Analyst
Mon Mar 31, 2014 05:09 PM CDT

Ethanol futures continue to skyrocket higher in nearby contract months. The post-report surge in corn prices also added to the aggressive nature of buying through nearby ethanol markets. April contracts posted a 20.7-cent-per-gallon rally, although light trade was seen in the soon-to-expire front-month contract. But the aggressiveness still shows just how aggressive market support is and how concerned traders are of short supplies. This pushed April futures to $3.479 a gallon. May contracts posted a 9.3-cent-per-gallon rally, closing at $2.701 a gallon. But market support quickly dwindles past the spring contracts as September contracts posted a 1.8-cent-per-gallon gain, closing at ...

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