Soybean Harvest Begins in Brazil
Alastair Stewart South America Correspondent
Mon Jan 13, 2014 09:34 AM CST

Soybean harvesting was 1% complete in Mato Grosso, Brazil's top soybean-producing state, as of Friday, according to AgRural.

Despite intermittent rain showers, farmers managed to get into the fields during the last seven days, it said in a report.

At present, the priority is to harvest quickly in areas earmarked for a second crop of cotton.

In western Mato Grosso, fieldwork is 2% complete and average yields are around 47 bushels per acre. In the north, around 1% has been harvested and excellent yields of up to 54 bpa have been reported, said AgRural. In the center-south area of the ...

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