DTN Closing Cotton Commentary
Duane Howell DTN Contributing Cotton Analyst
Wed Nov 13, 2013 02:46 PM CST

Cotton futures settled slightly ahead Wednesday after December had climbed above highs of the previous four sessions and March had traded inside its prior-day range.

December edged up nine ticks to close at 77.97 cents, around the lower third of its tight 79-point range from 78.50 to 77.71 cents, while March settled up 37 points to 78.59 cents, near the high of its 74-point trading span from 78 to 78.74 cents.

Volume slipped to an estimated 47,100 lots from 64,104 lots the previous session when spreads totaled 48,956, EFS 2,135 lots and EFP 26 lots. Options volume totaled 3,462 calls ...

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