RFS 2013 Volumes Set
Todd Neeley DTN Staff Reporter
Tue Aug 6, 2013 03:53 PM CDT

OMAHA (DTN) -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved much-anticipated 2013 volumes for the Renewable Fuels Standard Tuesday, also hinting in a news release that the agency is ready to reduce the 2014 RFS volume to help alleviate the so-called E10 blend wall where total ethanol production exceeds the available market.

EPA set the final 2013 total volume at 16.55 billion gallons of renewable fuels to be blended into the U.S. fuel supply, up 1.35 billion gallons from the 2012 volume requirement of 15.2 billion gallons. Of that total volume, EPA raised the amount of biomass-based diesel required to 1.28 ...

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