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Myke Feinman Refine Fuels Reporter
Thu Feb 20, 2014 01:03 PM CST

Ethanol supply is building in the Midwest-producing region while falling along the East Coast, showed government data for the week-ended Feb. 14 that was released today.

"This is all logistics," said Jerrod Kitt, strategist for the Linn Group, Chicago, Ill. "We're stranding rail cars, delaying shipments."

U.S. ethanol supply was up 1.0 million bbl to a 17.2 million bbl seven-month high the Energy Information Administration data showed. Ethanol supply in the Midwest jumped 500,000 bbl to 6.9 million bbl, a one-year high, while down 300,000 bbl to 5.0 million bbl for the East Coast, the lowest level for the region ...

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