Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:52 AM CST

EIA: October Ethanol Production Up Over 80,000 Bpd on Year

OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) -- The Energy Information Administration on Wednesday in its most recent Short-term Energy Outlook said ethanol production continues to recover from last year's drought, rising more than 80,000 barrels per day (bpd) in October from the corresponding 2012 period.

Ethanol production for the month profiled averaged 892,000 bpd, up 42,000 bpd from September and a hike of 86,000 bpd from October 2012. EIA forecast ethanol production will average 900,000 bpd in 2014 compared with estimates last month at 880,000 bpd.

Biodiesel production, which averaged 64,000 bpd, or ...

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