DTN Plains, Prairies Closing Comments
Cliff Jamieson Canadian Grains Analyst
Fri Dec 28, 2012 04:04 PM CST


Toronto's TSX is trading at 12,316.46, down 57.31 points. Anxiety surrounding U.S. budget talks continues to keep buyers on the sidelines and money flowing out of market, pending a more favorable outlook. The Canadian dollar is trading at $1.0022 CAD/US dollar, down 11 basis points. This is below nearby technical support, at $1.0025. The U.S. dollar is .066 higher at 79.785. Gold is $8.60 lower, at $1,654.10. One reason for this is tax-based selling, with investors booking profits in advance of what could be higher tax-rates should the U.S. go over the fiscal cliff. Crude oil is 3 ...

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