DTN Daily Feedstuffs Comments
Wed Jul 10, 2013 01:31 PM CDT

Opening Prices:

Corn: $5.51
Soybeans: $14.69
Soybean Meal: $449.30
Live Cattle: $122.65
Feeder Cattle: $151.15
Lean Hogs: $101.75
Class III Milk: $17.30

Protein Markets (Soybean Meal)

Follow-through support in the soybean futures complex Tuesday helped draw additional buying back into the market. Strong gains were seen in soybean meal futures which helped solidify widespread gains in the grain markets and also built the case for overall support in all feed ingredients through the middle of July. Cash soybean meal prices were all over the board early Wednesday morning. Prices ranged from $3 per ton higher to $10 per ton higher. ...

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