DTN Daily Feedstuffs Comments
Wed Dec 5, 2012 02:07 PM CST

Opening Prices:

Corn: $7.52
Soybeans: $14.63
Soybean Meal: $449.70
Live Cattle: $126.20
Feeder Cattle: $145.57
Lean Hogs: $84.75
Class III Milk: $18.52

Protein Markets (Soybean Meal)

Light to moderate support continues to be seen in the soybean complex with traders focusing on the recent gains in the soybean market. The soybean meal market has followed with light to moderate gains, as front month soybean meal futures posted a $2.60 per ton rally Tuesday afternoon. This led to less consistent movement in the cash markets, with prices listed from steady to $3 per ton higher. At this point, it appears that ...

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