Midwest Propane Supply Tight
Myke Feinman Refine Fuels Reporter
Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:59 AM CST

STREATOR, Ill. (DTN) -- The onset of severely cold weather in January spurred heavy demand for heating fuels, which triggered steep drawdowns in propane supply in the Midwest to a point that inventory is now extremely tight, the Energy Information Administration reported Thursday.

The spot price of propane at Conway, Kan., has spiked far above the Gulf Coast spot price at Mont Belvieu, Texas. By Jan. 21, wholesale prices at Conway had vaulted to a 95-cent-per-gallon premium to Mt. Belvieu. Conway spot propane jumped late Wednesday to $3.24 gallon, more than double the price at the Gulf Coast, spiking $1.50 ...

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