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Myke Feinman Refine Fuels Reporter
Fri Jul 25, 2014 01:36 PM CDT

D4 2014 biomass-based diesel Renewable Identification Numbers edged higher to 56.5cts as the market discusses a possible increase in the Renewable Volume Obligation following comments Thursday from U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., chairman of the Senate Energy Subcommittee, after a meeting with a top White House official.

"You're on a pace to meet the current RFS mandate, but if Senator Franken is to be believed, we could get an increase," commented Jerrod Kitt, strategist for the Linn group in Chicago, Ill., adding it increases demand for 2014 D4 RINs.

In November 2013, EPA proposed an RVO for D4 at 1.28 ...

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