DTN Closing Cotton Commentary
Duane Howell DTN Contributing Cotton Analyst
Tue Jun 10, 2014 03:32 PM CDT

Cotton futures climbed above highs of the previous three sessions in July and finished near there, while December traded within its prior-day range and settled a few ticks in the red in heavy dealings Tuesday.

July surged 175 points to close at 86.30 cents, jumping from a 10-point loss at 84.45 to a 211-point gain at 86.66 cents. December closed off four points at 77.25 cents, slightly below the midpoint of its tight 64-point range from down 28 points at 77.01 to up 36 points at 77.65.

The inverted July-December switch traded as wide as 934 points within a 207-point ...

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