Fri Jun 27, 2014 07:50 AM CDT

WINNIPEG (Dow Jones) -- The following table is a recap of Statistics Canada's acreage report for the period ended June 10, 2014. Pre-report expectations are provided for comparison purposes. Figures are in million acres.

Pre Report StatsCan StatsCan StatsCan

Estimates Jun 2014 Mar 2014 2013/14

Canola 18.800 - 20.700 20.228 19.801 19.936

Ttl wheat* 23.600 - 25.800 24.087 24.766 26.015

Spr. Wheat 16.700 - 17.500 17.636 17.978 19.043

Durum 4.700 - 5.000 4.800 4.835 4.965

Barley 6.200 - 6.500 6.089 6.311 7.083

Flaxseed 1.600 - 1.700 1.570 1.715 1.035

Oats 3.000 - 3.300 3.046 3.188 3.168

Peas 3.975 ...

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