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Mon Apr 27, 2015 02:28 PM CDT
With the added emphasis today on avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics in cattle, it's important to make treatment decisions with your veterinarian. That may mean not doing things the way you always have in the past. (DTN/Progressive Farmer photo by Victoria G. Myers)


Out of 102 head of mature cows, I have three that did not breed back. I AI most of my cows, so I am fairly familiar with their reproductive systems. The three cows that did not breed back appear to have a uterus infection, with cloudy mucus. My local veterinarian used to sell me an infusion to treat these infections, but has since stopped supplying it. I have been using LA 300 diluted with sterile water as an infusion. Can you recommend a treatment for uterus infections?


I am very impressed with a 97% conception rate. I am not sure you want to rock too many boats with a success rate like that.

Infusing cows is actually very controversial. I would be concerned about using any long-acting tetracycline in the uterus of a cow. All the information I have seen indicates this can be very irritating to uterine tissue.

One veterinarian who only does cattle work told me the only thing infused into a cow proven to increase conception is semen.

There is a product licensed outside the U.S. labeled for uterine infusion. There are also veterinarians with their own protocols for mild cases of metritis. That said, we are now in an environment where all veterinarians must be much more careful in dispensing any antibiotics for food animals. In addition, before we can recommend treatment we must have a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

So this is not a settled issue. Always remember the first rule of medicine: "First do no harm".


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