Doubling Up On Bt Soy
Pam Smith DTN\Progressive Farmer Crops Technology Editor
Wed Oct 9, 2013 10:14 AM CDT

DECATUR, Ill. (DTN) -- South American soybean insects are in the crosshairs. Dow AgroSciences has announced it is incorporating two genetically engineered traits into soybeans that will provide in-plant control against pests such as fall armyworm, velvetbean caterpillar, soybean looper, sunflower looper, tobacco budworm and soybean podworm.

The soybean event expresses the Cry1Ac and Cry1F proteins, the same combination that Dow includes in PhytoGen Widestrike insect-protected cotton varieties. According to Dow spokesperson Kenda Resler-Friend, the technology will be marketed in Brazil and Argentina within the next three to five years, pending regulatory approval. Once approved, Dow intends to broadly license ...

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