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Jack Odle Progressive Farmer Publisher

Jack Odle grew up on a diversified farm in east-central Kansas. In fact, he still maintains a financial interest in the farm run by his father and brother. Jack also owns and rents pastureland, has a cow-calf and stocker operation, and helped develop J&AMPH Cattle Company, a stocker grazing operation for investors. Jack's successful career began with a B.S. degree in journalism with minors in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University in 1974.

After graduation, Jack served as a staff writer for Drovers Journal in Kansas City. In 1976, he joined Progressive Farmer in Dallas as an assistant editor reporting on Southwest agriculture. Later he was named associate editor and moved to Tulsa to develop the Kansas edition. In 1980, Jack moved back to Kansas City to coordinate the introduction of Progressive Farmer Corn/Soybeans Midwest, the Midwest's first news-oriented farm publication. In 1982, Jack was named managing editor of Progressive Farmer and moved to headquarters to oversee the day-to-day operation of Progressive Farmer, including the planning, placement, and proper illustration of all articles. In 1985, Jack became editor of Progressive Farmer and added to his responsibilities long-range planning and growth of Progressive Farmer Inc. Throughout his career, Jack has been associated with many awards including a 1984 Dekalb Oscar, and a 1990 finalist in the National Magazine Award for Public Interest.

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