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Monday 04/14/14

Freeze Threat Details For Wheat

The following table has details on spring freeze damage to winter wheat depending on the wheat stage and temperatures. Widespread freeze warnings are in effect for southern Plains wheat areas through Tuesday morning, April 15.--Bryce

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Details come from a Kansas State University bulletin, with research by James P. Shroyer, Merrel E. Mikesell, and Gary M. Paulsen.


(Two Hours)

Jointing 24 F (-4 C) Moderate to Severe

As of Sunday April 6, 16 percent of Kansas wheat and 52 percent of Oklahoma wheat were in the joint stage.

Boot 28 F (-2 C) Moderate to Severe

Heading 30 F (-1 C) Severe

As of Sunday April 6, 9 percent of Texas wheat was in the heading stage.

Flowering 30 F (-1 C) Severe

Milk 28 F (-2 C) Moderate to Severe

Dough 28 F (-2 C) Slight to Moderate


Posted at 10:08AM CDT 04/14/14 by Bryce Anderson
Comments (3)
Why are we even talking about cold freeze to wheat. Climate change scientists have been predicting for over 15 years that we are supposed to be drying, up heating up and blowing away due to planet warming. Yet here in S.C. Minnesota we have just endured the coldest winter in 78 years. Many of us have 4' snow banks in our rural windbreaks that just won't melt. This appears to be the second Spring in a row that we won't be able to plant timely due to (oh my gosh) climate cooling. Is it time for climate science to admit that all this climate change hype is nothing more than admitting that the earth's climate varies based upon cycles with short term cycle being about 18 years apart. I firmly believe that the northern corn belt is now back to a normal planting phase of May 3rd to may 15th like it was wen my Dad farmed(30 years ago) . Mid-April planting was an aberration due to cycle variation. Still, we found out last year that planting a lot of corn mid May still can get us record crops. Grain traders; be ware.
Posted by MARK & LEA NOWAK at 2:13PM CDT 04/14/14
Winter wheat here in Michigan,Ohio and Indiana looks to have severe winter kill. Lots of dead and bare patches,we will spray some and plant something else.
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 9:26AM CDT 04/15/14
Amazing how many readers of DTN beleive that the unusually cold winter in the Midwest and Northeastern US is proof that climate change is a hoax,,,, the rest of the world must not matter because,,,, well its just not in their world which is all that matters. So as Mark states the cycle has changed back to planting dates in May,,,,, guess herbicides, seed treatments and other "modern" farming practices had nothing to do with earlier planting dates? So turn your Rush/Hanity radio up louder guys, there is more scientific reality to drown out coming our way!!!!!!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 6:48AM CDT 04/17/14
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