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Friday 12/20/13

November Climate Report
World temperatures continue an almost 30-year run of continually being above normal.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:23AM CST 12/20/13 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
Comments (6)
I must need new glasses! Did I just read that the second warmest Sept-Nov land and ocean temps ever recorded produced the 12th largest Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets recorded?!
Posted by Curt Zingula at 8:35AM CST 12/21/13
My glasses read the same glaring result. Hum?
Posted by Mike Baker at 11:19PM CST 12/21/13
Mike and Kurt, the Arctic sea ice is at the sixth lowest. The Antarctic is at record highs. The combination gives a total large amount. Strange but true, the Antarctic pack has been strangely high for the last few years.
Posted by Brent Heid at 2:20PM CST 12/22/13
I read another article that stated no net warming for the 17th straight year and if predicted solar minimums occur for the next cycle then earth will have a net cooling. Any thoughts on that Bryce?
Posted by Paul Beiser at 2:39PM CST 12/22/13
This is all very interesting. Bryce did the weather outlook at the DTN AG Summit in Chicago 2 weeks ago. He showed the graphic that the the arctic is unusually warm relative to the rest of the planet. That is changing the movement of weather patterns as with less cold air at the top of the planet, there is less cold air to interact with warmer air to the south creating reduced jet stream movement, and more stagnant weather patterns that are not normal in our life time. Like 8 weeks of persistence rain in SE Minnesota last Spring. It's a good morning to be reading about global warming as it is 10 below (from my DTN weather station 5 miles up the road with computer access) in S.C. Minnesota; when thenormal low is 10 above. Merry Christmas to all my weather watching friends.
Posted by MARK & LEA NOWAK at 8:26AM CST 12/23/13
Regarding the slowing trend of warming--an article on the climate research website summarizes scientist findings this way: "Global temperature has in recent years increased more slowly than before, but this is within the normal natural variability that always exists, and also within the range of predictions by climate models; even despite some cool forcing factors such as the deep solar minimum not included in the models. There is therefore no reason to find the models faulty. There is also no reason to expect less warming in the future; in fact, perhaps rather the opposite as the climate system will catch up again due its natural oscillations, e.g. when the Pacific decadal oscillation swings back to its warm phase."
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 1:05PM CST 12/23/13
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