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Tuesday 12/10/13

New Study On Impact Of Arctic Warming
A look at warming in the Arctic (North Pole) region and extreme weather occurrences ties the two together for the first time.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:45PM CST 12/10/13 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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Has modeling ever failed? I like the idea of historical correlations. The Heartland Institute published a graph of the last 29,000 years which shows that our "extreme" weather is a figment of our imagination. Anyway, if we can determine pre-industrial age atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from glacial ice thousands of years old, we should be able to geologically put together other pieces of the puzzle and make historical comparisons. Or would that take away someone's grant?
Posted by Curt Zingula at 7:04AM CST 12/11/13
@Curt...models absolutely do fail, and the group of models that the IPCC bases their warming predictions on have failed miserably. Extreme weather events have not increased, our perception of them has. We have better weather tracking capabilities plus the weather news is heard around the world now through the internet and cable television, when 30 years ago information traveled by snail mail and local television outlets. I'll give you two examples of extreme weather that occurred before the industrial revolution...the tri-state tornado of 1925 which is the longest track tornado in recorded history as far as I know, and the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 which I believe is the deadliest US disaster in history. You can google each one for specific info but those are two record holders that will be tough to beat. A lot of weather is 'extreme' but not abnormally so.
Posted by Eric Apel at 2:07PM CST 12/11/13
Most people's historical context is contained to what has happened in their lives. That being said, a huge event is about to occur that hasn't happened in centuries, and that is the cancelling of Christmas. That is what Santa in the commercial for Greenpeace says, due to the elves and reindeer floating away due to the melting of the ice at the North Pole. Perhaps they should move to the South Pole, where the coldest ever recorded temperature just occurred...that is, unless water doesn't freeze below 32 degrees anymore. The way "science" is these days, that may just be the case.
Posted by Brandon Butler at 4:53PM CST 12/11/13
When liberal leftist ideas and theories start to go to where it will never freeze they just get more hysterical. It is really quite fun to watch.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 5:37PM CST 12/11/13
Ice on the dog dish this morning, proof again there is no global warming,, who needs an education, just listen to Rush Limbo! Those pesky lefty libs, think they need to have an education to do some figuring! How can burning 90 million barrels of oil a day change anything with the climate? You can't even see carbon, how can anything you can't see hurt you?
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 9:48PM CST 12/11/13
I sense some sarcasm... Here is my $.02. It seems today most people and "scientists" are in agreement about this "Global warming/Climate Change"bs. If it truely is changing like they say it is, fine, so be it. What I have a hard time believing is that it is man made climate change. That is where they loose me, because there is only speculation, not proof. You can all read the numbers how you want, it all depends on how you interpret them. All of you Global Warming believers, remember that these scientists are getting federal funding and such, they are going to make sure they keep getting that funding. It is job security. The day they lose all public funding is when they will regain credibility.
Posted by RJZ Peterson at 9:17AM CST 12/12/13
Jay, the master of red herrings.
Posted by Brandon Butler at 9:43AM CST 12/12/13
The one source of our global heat is always ignored and that is the power of the sun. A person can't see the radiation from it but we know it exists. It easy to access the power of the sun and its phases currently its in a calm cycle and giving off less energy. Geee I wonder why global warming took a pause? Solar cycle 24 is predicted to be low in activity. What if its lower than predicted. The leftys are gonna staring into the cold harsh reality of the sun and yet will be blinded by their ideology... good grief Charlie Brown.
Posted by Paul Beiser at 9:10AM CST 12/17/13
I am waiting for a comment on the Russian ship full of global warming scientists traveling to the south pole to study the melting ice It's summer in the southern hemisphere. Ice should be melting. I guess it was so warm the ice refroze so fast it trapped the ship. It must have something to do with hot water freezing faster than cold water. I do think the earth is slowly warming but man has little to do with it. A erupting volcano puts more gases in the air in a day then all the people in the world do in a hundred years. All these green house gases actually cool the earth off rather then making it warmer.
Posted by FRANK FULWIDER at 1:34PM CST 01/02/14
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