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Friday 11/09/12

Fall Rainfall Summary
A look at precipitation totals since September 1 show some limited drought relief, but not much.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 9:46PM CST 11/09/12 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
Comments (11)
It is beyond dry in OK. We often help contribute to the wheat and beef supply of our country. Why are we not on the list?
Posted by MATT MULLER at 7:41AM CST 11/10/12
My mistake. I will correct it. Thanks for noting that.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 8:59AM CST 11/10/12
Re-posted with Oklahoma data included. The OK information was part of the regional total but the line with the state numbers was omitted first time. Thanks again for reading and noting that mistake.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 9:12AM CST 11/10/12
Thanks Bryce
Posted by MATT MULLER at 4:56PM CST 11/10/12
northeast IN, not sure where that 8" of rain is recorded, but it isn't here, we have alittle moisture in the top 8" of topsoil, the drought is'nt over yet in my area
Posted by Tom Keller at 6:58AM CST 11/12/12
Not sure where in Michigan either! We may have had 2in. since first of Sept here in our county.Wheat needs water soon. Not much rain in next weeks forcast either.We have been drilling post holes last week and it is bone dry4ft. down. Normaly you would have a hole half full of water before you can set the pole.
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 7:55AM CST 11/12/12
Carlyle Il. 50 miles east of St.Louis Mo. 23" of rain since Sep. 1st. Mudded out half of corn and all of beans. Winter wheat went into wet soils around Nov. 1st.
Posted by Joe Schmeink at 8:57AM CST 11/12/12
Thanks for the comments. The Indiana station precip totals for Sept 1 to Nov 9 were: South Bend 6.44; Ft. Wayne 6.92; Lafayette 9.69; Peru/Grissom 8.30; Indianapolis 11.76; Terre Haute 10.56. Average for those stations 8.72. Michigan rundown was: Flint 5.89; Muskegon 7.69; Grand Rapids 7.71; Lansing 7.33; Detroit 4.70. Average for those stations 6.66. Data tabulated by the Midwest Climate Center in Champaign IL has similar findings. In the same vein, I am not surprised to hear the 23" number in south-central Illinois when Belleville numbers totaled 11.8" Sep 1-Nov 9 and Champaign had 10.54".
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 11:15AM CST 11/12/12
westby wi we had 1 1/2 more rain all day sunday and we are making some good progress in moisture plus the fact that we are getting some all day rains now you never get all day rains if your still in drought Howard White
Posted by Unknown at 7:17AM CST 11/13/12
All your data for Michigan is centrally located. bottom tier of counties at least where I live have had nothing close to 6". More like 2. Drought not over here either.
Posted by Chris Kimerer at 8:09PM CST 11/15/12
Data gathered is that from National Weather Service stations where there is consistent and dependable reporting.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 2:15PM CST 11/20/12
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