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Tuesday 08/21/12

Drought Tie To Climate Change
A top atmospheric science researcher says the 2012 drought has a link to the effects of global warming.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:16AM CDT 08/21/12 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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Read that co2 is record low compared to recent years.
Posted by Tom Markt at 11:55AM CDT 08/21/12
Good science would quantify man made CO2 as well as other sources. Until that happens, I'm suspicious of "spin" because I read it all the time. The EWG has just informed us that farmers plowed up 23 million acres of grassland and wetlands, so crop insurance subsidies need to stop. They forgot to mention that from '82 - '07 cropland in the US declined 70 million acres. Several "scientists" tell us that farm fertilizer needs to be curtailed in order to stop hypoxia. They don't tell us that the Mississippi no longer flows through coastal wetlands due to levees and that Congress actually passed a law in 1928 that requires at least 30% of the Mississippi to be filtered by the coastal wetlands. Good science was trashed by activists and the media when high fructose corn syrup was declared the cause of national obesity and those groups called for an end to hfcs. The American Medical Assoc. and the American Dietetic Assoc. said the claims against hfcs are false. Do we see a trend here?!
Posted by Curt Zingula at 12:40PM CDT 08/21/12
Good science to the necons, just like Sen. Akins follows! Really its probably too late, the oil/coal/gas corporations are turning our home into another planet like Mars while the GOP denies real science! Carbon is measurable, it is being created in huge quantities by humans and its changing the climate. Burn 89 million barrels of oil a day plus whatever coal and nat gas and tell me that isn't adding carbon! If we didnt get a real picture of GOP science this week from Akins then we will never learn!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 1:07PM CDT 08/21/12
We had a record drought in 1983. Then another in 1988. Now we've got another one, 24 years later. Explain why this one is because of us? You've got to understand why some are skeptical of a bureaucrat telling we have to change how we farm.
Posted by Mark KIngma at 5:04PM CDT 08/21/12
Science (geology) tells me that my area has been home to tropical type rain forest and glacial ice, all before the influence of man. Recently tropical vegetation was even found under the ice cap near the South Pole. We tend to define "normal" according to what we have lived through, when it may not be "normal" at all. Perhaps the Creator is still in charge?
Posted by CARLYLE CURRIER at 7:47PM CDT 08/21/12
Good point Carlyle, but I would ask for a definition of "extreme". In the twelfth century the US had a drought that lasted for over 20 years - so is 2012 extreme? There were far fewer tornados and floods in the US this year - so is 2012 extreme? And if the US had the population we had 100 years ago without the media competing for news stories - would 2012 be extreme? A group of scientists has determined that the coal factories we have now would only add .1 degree celcius to the earth's temps by the end of the century. Sorry Jay, you'll have to come up with something more convincing than blaming the GOP.
Posted by Curt Zingula at 6:51AM CDT 08/22/12
Since present day Chicago was under a glacier 15,000 years ago, I would suppose we are in a warming trend.
Posted by JERRY KOCHANIUK at 8:59AM CDT 08/22/12
Im just glad God is in control
Posted by Unknown at 10:55AM CDT 08/22/12
165 BILLION in food wasted, that is TWO total corn crops wasted,? per year, yet we have people saying ethenol is driving up food prices. At least we get a third back for high protien feed.
Posted by Unknown at 7:57PM CDT 08/22/12
what people do not realize it that one of the major electrical drags on the system, which requires burning fossil fules to supply is the use of air conditioners. I do not see anyone volunteering to give that up. It has been estimated that people in the US use more than twice as much power to cool their homes as they do to heat them. It somehow seems appropriate that the very thing we do to relieve the heat is then accused of causing the heat in the first place.
Posted by Dale Paisley at 9:57AM CDT 08/27/12
What about the Heat Island Effect around major cities? I live 20 miles from Kansas City, Mo. and we are always 5 - 8 degrees cooler than the official reporting station in town. Maybe this over the nation and the world is the cause of so called Global climate change?
Posted by Unknown at 11:14PM CDT 09/11/12
Future Crop Estimates in Drought Years
A top atmospheric science researcher says the 2012 drought has a link to the effects of global warming.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:10AM CDT 08/21/12 by Bryce Anderson | 0 Comments | Post a Comment
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