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Thursday 08/09/12

Canadian Prairies Turn Drier
A drier weather pattern across the Canadian Prairies starts to bring minor concerns to maturing and filling crops but favors the early start to harvest of some crops.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:34AM CDT 08/09/12 by Doug Webster | Post a Comment
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Me being either too lazy to think or too reliant on others in order to save precious time, you didn't answer the very question you raised: How much more feed grain will grow in Canada and how much will that apparent abundance offset the proposed US diminised crop? Meteorologist: time for a hand-off............ or interdepartmental collaboration.
Posted by H. Clay Daulton at 11:13AM CDT 08/09/12
Mr. Daulton, Bryce Anderson here. Interesting question. I will forward this on to our analyst team; they're the ones who could give you the best answer. Thanks for your reply. BA
Posted by Unknown at 2:23PM CDT 08/09/12
Canada is just not a major supplier of feed to the US. There is currently 1 million metric tonnes of corn slated to be exported from Manitoba and Ontario, although this could come under pressure due to drought in southern Ontario which will reduce their crop. As far as western Canada, our feed supplies are not determined until fall when we see the impact of potential frost and other weather-related issues. Should the weather hold, western Canada will be scrambling for feed supplies, largely due to a long-term decline in barley acres and competition for wheat from global markets. In many years, corn and/or corn DDG is imported into western Canada from the US to offset our feed deficit but this will be price prohibitive on a year such as this. Thanks for your interest! Cliff Jamieson Canadian Grain Analyst
Posted by Unknown at 5:16PM CDT 08/09/12
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