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Friday 08/03/12

No Change Seen in Dry, Hot Late-Summer Weather Pattern
Recent spotty rains in the Plains and portions of the Midwest do not indicate a sustained improvement in drought conditions.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 9:51AM CDT 08/03/12 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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Had some hope a couple weeks ago after we got some rain here in OH, but after nothing for 2 weeks and checking fields extensively the past couple days, hope is gone for at least fair yields. If we have corn yields better than 45-50 bpa I'd be shocked. Beans are now taking a beating and to add insult to injury, spidermites are finishing them off. Pretty hard call to make to throw money spraying for them when you are basically saving insurance company some money, not a easy or likeable descision. Prediction for beans, 25-35 bpa depending on insect feeding.
Posted by Farmer Johnson at 1:47PM CDT 08/03/12
Hey Farmer Johnson, you need to practice good managerial practices. If your beans need to be sprayed, you spray them. You are not suppose to factor in insurance.
Posted by BB at 11:25PM CDT 08/03/12
BB--a little harsh comment there. Can you offer a little more detail? Thanks.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 8:39AM CDT 08/04/12
Sorry, weather or not it saves the insurance company money is not part of the "economic threshhold". Talk with your insurance agent about this.
Posted by BB at 11:11AM CDT 08/04/12
Guess I should have added more detail, just assumed it was clear we weren't getting rain up to this point and that if sprayed or not it wouldn't make much difference either way the way it's going. I could spray fungicide on my corn too, to make it weather the drought better and maybe get 55 bushels instead of 50. Maybe I could take a garden hose out there and water a quarter acre and get a extra $60 dollars worth for my efforts! Maybe I'll go put on some soysoap and foliar feeds and fungicide, and put on everything they say adds 2 bushel to the acre and still end up with 80 bushel beans after all! I guess dtn shouldn't write articles about insurance claims because we shouldn't "factor in insurance". My goodness, tryin to describe what is going on in the area and someone jumps down your throat! By the way, the fields did get sprayed for spider mites for your information BB!!!
Posted by Farmer Johnson at 7:57AM CDT 08/05/12
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