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Wednesday 05/28/14

Wide Variety In SW Plains Rain
The big winner in the past week's southwestern Plains rain system was definitely the Texas Panhandle.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 9:20AM CDT 05/28/14 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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An additional point regarding that rain event--the forecast models, in the opinion of our Ag Weather group, did a very good job in predicting the rain and the area to be covered. The U.S. GFS model was especially robust in its depiction of the Texas coverage. The model also showed less coverage with lower amounts the farther north you went--which is what happened.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 11:02AM CDT 05/28/14
Well it sure looks like our weather pattern is trying to change. It was just a couple weeks ago all we heard was going to be cooler than normal for us, now all of a sudden were pushing 90 degrees this week.
Posted by GWL 61 at 11:44AM CDT 05/28/14
The key to Upper Midwest/Northern Plains conditions in our view was whether the persistent strong blocking high in central Canada would relax and retract farther north. It has--and we are seeing temperatures respond accordingly with the warmer conditions.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 1:23PM CDT 05/28/14
There is no doubt there was definately some wide variances in moisture for SW Kansas. We ended up with about 1.25" in extreme SW Kansas near the OK border. Some people I've talked to the north and east got almost nothing. Very disapointing when for five days they had forecasted 50-70% rainall chances and it rained essentially one day. I'm glad we got what we got and for the other areas that have been as dry or drier than us finally got some soaking rains. Unfortunately for us the rains came too late and this will be the fourth year in a row of very poor dryland wheat in our area after having such a great start last fall. Obviously we are all hoping for more moisture to help summer crops and pastures, but we are in such a huge hole that it would take many soaking rains to ever dig out of this drought.
Posted by Brad Niehues at 1:24PM CDT 05/28/14
Science is now up for a vote, for now. Dissenters are banished (see Britain). Sound familiar to anything in the last century?
Posted by Brandon Butler at 3:46PM CDT 05/29/14
Back to the topic of southern Plains rain--we did see a 1-level improvement in Drought Monitor categories in the Texas Panhandle. The southern Panhandle improved from level 3 (Extreme) to level 2 (Severe). And the northern Panhandle saw several counties improve from level 4 (Exceptional) to level 3 (Extreme). Western Oklahoma saw similar improvement as well as Central Texas. But there is a long, long way to recovery. Forecasts for the next week have very little follow-up moisture for this region.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 11:07AM CDT 05/30/14
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