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Thursday 05/22/14

Warm Streak Continued In April
World (global) warming went on again in April--almost at an unbroken 30-year run now.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 9:43AM CDT 05/22/14 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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What about satellite temperature monitoring? I'm told it doesn't show the above average heat that urban roof top heat monitors are indicating. I'm also told that 87% of land based heat monitors are compromised in regard to representative temperatures. NOAA shut down some 600 for that reason - are other countries as conscientious? Something isn't adding up if combined Arctic and Antarctic sea ice is 4.5% above 1981-2010 average and we've had 350 consecutive months of rising "global" temperatures.
Posted by Curt Zingula at 6:14AM CDT 05/23/14
I've read global warming hasn't happened since 1997. Which is it somebody's lying.
Posted by JEFF RIDDER at 12:14PM CDT 05/23/14
Regarding heat monitors--let's call them thermometers--NOAA scientists have studied the same questions about urban heat island effects. While those do exist, there are statistical approaches to the data which can allow for the heat island effect and correct for that issue. Also, there are weather stations far away from big city centers in the wide-open spaces that show the same trends in temperature as the urban areas do--and those trends are warmer. As far as the sea ice is concerned, there will always be fluctuations year-in and year-out. New ice forms during the winter, and may stay around a bit longer if the winter is cooler. However, the long-term trend is for less ice. There is not as much old ice in the Arctic as there used to be and there have been many consequences--one of which is new areas opened up for oil exploration.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 1:25PM CDT 05/23/14
In the 1960s, as a child, i noticed when i was in the "woods" it was a great deal cooler than it was in the field. (Probably had something to do with the forest pulling water from the earth and releasing it to the air!) Well guess what, we cut down all the forest to plant crops to feed a hungry world. We could replant all the forests and cool the world! Or we can feed them. Tough choice.
Posted by BD, NE LA. at 6:09PM CDT 05/23/14
Western Canada soil temps are below normal and crop emergence is slow. Planting has been hampered by cool temps and rain. Has not global warming been replaced with climate change because it's harder to dispute, the climate is always changing to some degree. When I was young the catch words were 'ice age and climate cooling' . Maybe the so called scientists should stay out of the political sciences.
Posted by ROBERT RICHARDS at 8:14AM CDT 05/26/14
NOAA is run by the U.S. government which now has a Senate run by leftist socialist Democrats and a President who is an even bigger liar than the Clintons. Goofy old Harry Reid has even become an embarrassment to the Democrats. When you have a study that starts quoting several different time frames and keeps talking averages from all over the world start to worry about the results especially if it proves the case for government control and revenues for the govt. Ruining our economy will not help the world. If all of you people really want to help go to China or Russia protest their coal and fossil fuel use and while you are there look around at their cities you might get a good view from your jail cell or re-education camp. Their lies are enforced a little more vigorously than ours. While you are their you can study what it is like to live in a government that has total control of everything. I am not willing to become a lesser country and give up any of my freedoms . Obama and the Democrats and the U.N. cant get what they will trying to get through their committees and rules and studies with no legislation. Global Warming is the current route. I you notice the rich, the famous, the idiot Hollywood left, liberal Democrats just cant have poor old average folks running around left to our own devices exercising our freedoms given to us by a Constitution and Bill Of Rights that don't core much for.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 10:22AM CDT 05/26/14
Back in the 1970's, the scientists were preachen global cooling and predicting the next ice age.
Posted by bbob at 1:49PM CDT 05/26/14
Cost of utilities for electric, heat and powering my Leaf for the past 12 months, -$400,,, carbon footprint, zero,,,,, enjoy your fossil economy boys!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 9:20PM CDT 05/26/14
sorry, that is a minus $400, electric company pays me for the extra kilowatts I generate.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 5:19AM CDT 05/27/14
As has been pointed out here several times--scientists were not--repeat not--calling for global cooling in the 1970s.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 5:43AM CDT 05/27/14
Time magazine and others were writing articles on the subject in the 70s were they the same folks that are carrying on now. Follow the money and you the biggest proponents are all receiving some of the goodies. Such as Jay who gets paid an inflated rate for his excess electricity and does not have to sell it on the open market. If it is your job to promote global warming and for a few bucks it becomes a great cause.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 6:30AM CDT 05/27/14
"global cooling 1970's" google it and read all about the predictions.
Posted by bbob at 7:13AM CDT 05/27/14
Ah Gordon, glad you know all about my biz,,,, I actually get wholesale price for the excess I generate. Solar has become much cheaper and under the magic $1/watt cost for solar panels but hey you guys beleive your world according to Rushbo,,,, and by the way I have followed the money and it leads to Exxon and the Koch Brothers. Why don't you folks look into solar, just go out and check some prices, the farm buildings make a great place for it and you don't have to tell Rush and Hanity you have it. Everyone knew solar got much cheaper when a notorious local Tea extremist smothered his barn in solar panels.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 7:14AM CDT 05/27/14
I have posted these statistics before, but here they are again regarding the "global cooling" comment--A survey of the scientific literature has found that between 1965 and 1979, 44 scientific papers predicted warming, 20 were neutral and just 7 predicted cooling. So while predictions of cooling got more media attention, the majority of scientists were predicting warming even then. Out of 71 papers reviewed, only TEN percent predicted cooling in the future. 44 out of 71--or SIXTY-TWO percent--predicted warming.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 7:21AM CDT 05/27/14
Lucky for you Jay we have Exxon and others or you would be starved to death. You talk your pathetic small ideas, that would not sustain our world today.
Posted by GWL 61 at 10:35AM CDT 05/27/14
Pretty easy to see who is signing who's paycheck.
Posted by Brandon Butler at 1:02PM CDT 05/27/14
Jay, What are your thoughts on Al Gore?
Posted by Brandon Butler at 2:12PM CDT 05/27/14
Bryce, I'm disappointed you didn't answer my question about satellite temperature monitors or "thermometers" in this post's first comment. Good? Bad? Different results than urban roof top "adjusted" thermometers and using modeling for discontinued Canadian thermometers?
Posted by Curt Zingula at 7:33AM CDT 05/28/14
The question regarding temperature accuracy was indeed answered. The answer is--NOAA scientists have studied the same questions about urban heat island effects. While those do exist, there are statistical approaches to the data which can allow for the heat island effect and correct for that issue. Also, there are weather stations far away from big city centers in the wide-open spaces that show the same trends in temperature as the urban areas do--and those trends are warmer.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 8:29AM CDT 05/28/14
A government agency would not manipulate the statistical approaches to the data to get the desired results they wanted would they ? They know what Obama and our Socialist Democrats want and they like their jobs and paycheck . They know what happens to people who do not agree with the regime.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 11:23AM CDT 05/28/14
Go to Google and type in UK Telegraph Climategate There you can find out how information and data are manipulated to prove what to prove. East Anglia U. Penn U. and the groups whose E mails were hacked to prove the hockey stick graph and their other lies and the frustration they had when could not be proven. Makes you wonder what Obamas EPA head Lisa Jackson had on her secret government E mail account. Why did she suddenly resign and the subject dropped ?
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 4:13PM CDT 05/28/14
The "Climategate" accusations have been proved to be false. The campaign allegations of data manipulation by scientists in the U.S. and United Kingdom were found to have no justification.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 5:37AM CDT 05/29/14
Looks like it must be pay day.
Posted by Brandon Butler at 8:19AM CDT 05/29/14
Climategate, debunked by the people that swear by it and have been promote it what a surprise. Sworn to be true by the folks who receive all of the power and money by promoting it. The liberal cause celeb for media political and others who need a cause. Obama says it is settled science undoubtedly learned in all of the science class he excelled in. He can hardly wait for a carbon tax it would be another great wealth distribution scheme.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 9:17AM CDT 05/29/14
Any temperature range graph shows that warming since 1900 has been consistent with only slight interruptions. Comments are closed for this blog posting. There will be other items and opportunities for discussion in the near future.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 10:00AM CDT 05/29/14
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