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Monday 01/20/14

California Drought Details
A rundown on the damaging impact and ideas on reasons behind the current harsh drought in the Far West.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 7:44AM CST 01/20/14 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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Bryce, Is there any concern with the high pressure in the western U.S. moving east to say the corn belt later this year?
Posted by McFly at 10:04AM CST 01/21/14
There is some, yes. Particularly with the drier trend going on in the southwestern Plains.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 10:32AM CST 01/21/14
Bryce, in this story, broad scientific consensus on Earth warming due to Human burning of Fossil Fuels is listed as a possible cause. I am curious to know what is that Scientific consensus evidence?
Posted by Michael Jones at 6:35AM CST 01/22/14
From Wikipedia regarding scientific consensus: "The historian of science Naomi Oreskes published an article in Science reporting that a survey of the abstracts of 928 science articles published between 1993 and 2003 showed none which disagreed explicitly with the notion of anthropogenic global warming. In an editorial published in the Washington Post, Oreskes stated that those who opposed these scientific findings are amplifying the normal range of scientific uncertainty about any facts into an appearance that there is a great scientific disagreement, or a lack of scientific consensus. Oreskes's findings were replicated by other methods that require no interpretation." A complete Wikipedia entry on the term "Scientific Consensus" is at this link:
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 9:19AM CST 01/23/14
1. can we start or stop rain? 2. can we start or stop snow? 3. can we start or stop a tornado? 4. can we start or stop a hurricane? 5. can we start or stop wind? 6. there were at least 5 ice ages in the past where the glaciers at one time were into southern Iowa. 6a. there were NO humans, NO cars, NO factories, NO cows farting, NO bull crap. IF WE CANNOT START OR STOP WEATHER ON THE SMALL SCALE, CAN WE REALLY, REALLY DO IT ON THE LARGE SCALE? does anyone have a tail that wags its dog?? man made global warming is gov'ment control of us.
Posted by Gary Conrad at 5:58AM CST 01/25/14
Actually we need to see that like other species that overpopulate CO2 is a natural way of controlling us. Fossil fuels have given us a huge food supply and when they diminish and the exhaust from them make our habitat unlivable our population will fall back to a sustainable population which is calculated to be 1 billion without fossil fuels helping. You can see the "bell curve" style population rises and declines with other animal species from biology 101. In other words when a food supply becomes unlimited the population explodes until it is used up, then there is a die off. Its reality.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 7:05AM CST 01/30/14
You're right Jay, about the food supply controlling the pop. CO2 is to plants what O2 is to animals. Higher levels let plants grow better. We couldn't feed the world now, without modern tec. We can't go back without killing off some of the worlds pop. Who decides who? All fossil fuels at one time were growing plants or animals. We have plenty of fossil fuels yet, we have to use them wisely. Look out the window, our air is pretty clean. It doesn't make sense to make our energy more expensive and export our coal to other countries that don't use it as clean as we do.
Posted by FRANK FULWIDER at 8:13AM CST 02/05/14
Well Frank at least we both agree that the XL pipeline shouldn't be built as it is for exporting oil! As for expensive energy I don't know what is cheaper then sunlight or wind. Solar PV cost has come down under the magical $1/watt so is cheaper then building a coal plant. But I guess your hard line conservatism keeps you with the fossils?
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 7:26AM CST 02/07/14
Actually I'm for building the pipe Actually I'm for building the pipeline. Pipelines are the cheapest and safest way to move liquids. Right now they are moving it by rail, remember the derailment in Canada, These trains could be moving grain. Canada is going to sell their crude to somebody. It might as well be us. I'm all for sun and wind, but they need to be cheaper. It's cents per kilowatts. Wind is 12cents. solar is $ ? . Coal is .02cents. They both need fossil fuel backup when the wind isn't blowing or the sun isn't shining. Let's use our energy reserves wisely. Our economy thrives on low cost energy. .
Posted by FRANK FULWIDER at 11:07AM CST 02/07/14
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