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Tuesday 01/08/13

2012--Warm And Dry
2012 is in the books as the warmest year on record in the lower 48 US states along with being in the top 20 for dryness.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 1:54PM CST 01/08/13 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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Neocons will still argue against these numbers,,,, they are from bad emails, thermometers were read by liberals, Al Gore is making so much money with these reports, scientists are Atheists and besides that they claimed global cooling in the 70's!!!! Get ready for a return to the Jurassic age guys, it will take something as tough as a dinosaur to live through massive droughts and Sandy type storms,,,, in the meantime you'll argue with the oil and coal lobbies to keep dumping CO2 in the air until we all drown in the planets great mass extinction. Turn up your Rush radio so you don't hear the above report!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 12:45PM CST 01/09/13
first corinthians 1:27 But "GOD" hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the :WISE: and God hathchosen the weak things of the the world to confound the things which are mighty. Jay i have pity for your soul, yes it will take a man of god to survive what is coming (revelations), not a dinasour, cowboy up
Posted by Unknown at 6:23PM CST 01/10/13
Hey "unknown", I am well aware there is a fringe so called "Christian" element in this country that believes trashing the planet, increasing military spending and promoting everyone to own semi-automatic weapons,,, all this to speedily bring the second coming of a man who taught peace, love and tolerance. But the numbers in the above article point to a human made problem which needs addressing by educated/sane people. I don't wish to hasten the book of revelations by destroying creation and the majority of US citizens feel the same. I was wrong about the dinosaurs, they became extinct from climate change and we may see the same, only self induced.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 5:57AM CST 01/11/13
Doctor Jay, u made my point, thanks,U r not as educated as u think, climate change has been going on since the creation of earth. gOD CREATED THE SIMPLE THINGS TO CONFOUND THE WISE. Apparently u r not one of them.
Posted by Unknown at 11:40AM CST 01/11/13
Also DOCTOR JAY, maybe we need to look at all the violence on tv and video games before we look at guns. I know, since u r educated, that u have heard that guns dont kill people, people do, so untill u can stop that ,there will always be death. Maybe u sgould ask cain why he killed able with his semi-auto club.
Posted by Unknown at 11:54AM CST 01/11/13
Jay... Keep banging your tin can on your head and wearing your uniform, you little organ grinder monkey. Your shrieks sound just like the shrieks of those that you despise, with just a little difference in the octaves being the only way to tell you apart.
Posted by Brandon Butler at 1:44PM CST 01/11/13
thanks Brandon, these educated idiots are , hold that thought, why dont they just leave and create their own etopia
Posted by Unknown at 3:55PM CST 01/11/13
sry spelling utopia
Posted by Unknown at 3:56PM CST 01/11/13
Doctor Jay, many are called but FEW are chosen, sorry so many feel that way, oh and by the way can you explain a fire with no light
Posted by Unknown at 9:31PM CST 01/11/13
Who gives a poop about Al GORED, he looks like a hog to be slaughtered
Posted by Unknown at 10:29PM CST 01/11/13
Autumn precip. at 85% of normal!!!! God we are all saved!!!!! Bryce, while your buddies are in deep thought about what happens next I want everyone know we are not back to normal here in the midwest until we get back the rain shortages that we missed in the past three years. If that happens normal may mean $3.50 corn/$6.00 beans!?! You have to live with what you ask the Lord for somedays! Stay tuned!
Posted by Roger Cooper at 10:07PM CST 01/13/13
Southern Plains Moisture Outlook
Amounts will vary, but this week's southern U.S. storm system looks on track to be a precipitation-maker for the hard red winter wheat areas of the southern Plains.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 11:12AM CST 01/08/13 by Bryce Anderson | 0 Comments | Post a Comment
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