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Thursday 09/03/15

Wet, Cool Weather May Affect Canada Harvest Progress
We appear to be near the end of the more favorable harvest weather pattern for Western Canada. We also note at least some risk for colder weather.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Wednesday 09/02/15

August Soil Moisture Changes
Soil moisture rankings in the major crop areas are in the upper half of historical measures -- but in the last month have had some dramatic reductions.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Friday 08/28/15

Dry Late August Has Impact
Increased yield question, early harvest, and more drought calamity were the products of a dry final week of August across the U.S.[Read Full Blog Post]
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west central Ohio Celina, crop drier up very fast. Early corn ok , late corn terrible
Posted by Unknown at 6:36PM CDT 08/31/15

Thursday 08/27/15

Warm, Dry Weather Supports Harvest for W. Canada
Harvest is getting into full swing for many areas of Western Canada and the weather is fully cooperating with a lengthy period of warm, dry weather expected.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:16AM CDT 08/27/15 by Doug Webster | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 08/24/15

NOAA: El Nino Winter Impact
El Nino in effect the 2015-16 winter looks to bring warm and dry conditions to the Midwest and Northern Plains.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Friday 08/21/15

New Record Warmth in July
News of yet another world temperature record and a study of global warming's addition to California drought grab headlines.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Bryce: Don't believe those numbers. There is good money in global warming today and the alleged scientists are responding with phony data and phony studies. Since global warming pays so well today, you can count on year after year and study after study showing the earth is warming. It's all baloney!
Posted by tom vogel at 8:23PM CDT 08/21/15
Science is so unpatriotic!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 6:16AM CDT 08/23/15
This morning as I read this article, I am either dumbfounded or confused. It is 48 degrees. From my DTN weather station, we had zero 90 degree (or more) days in 2014. This Summer we've had only 1, and that was back in June. Normally we get 15 days in the 90's. The 2014 growing season, had GDU accumulation at 95% of normal. As of right now for 2105, GDU's are 99% of our 30 year normal. So my confusion is, why is my part of the corn belt, seeing temps below normal, when the earth over all is warmer. Second, I am confused also that the article states the California drought is the result of global warming. But the atmosphere over California is holding 8 trillion gallons more humidity. Isn't that where rain comes from- atmospheric moisture. And yet the Corn Belt has seen numerous historic rains in the last 5 years or so of 100 year magnitude, 5 to 10 inches from a single event. Then global warming is blamed for the super charged atmosphere holding all the moisture in the form of high humidity. So can anyone else see my confusion in all this, with the same atmospheric conditions causing 180 degree difference in weather events. Oh by the way, this weeks forecast for So Minnesota is temps way below normal. So for those that have surplus global warming could you send seem my way, so our crops can be pushed to the finish. P.S. If we mature our crops to the finish without an early frost, this should be one of our best crops ever. So if that is what global warming is doing for Minnesota corn growing, bring it on.
Posted by MARK & LEA NOWAK at 6:25AM CDT 08/24/15
I'm beginning to think this website is funded by special interest groups
Posted by GWL 61 at 1:24PM CDT 08/24/15
Ah yeah GWL, its called "big ag" and you're part of the group.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 1:29PM CDT 08/24/15
Just read that a glacier in Greenland sheded an iceberg the size of Manhattan but I checked my freezer and all the ice cubes there are fine, how can anyone fall for this global warming thing?
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 3:22PM CDT 08/24/15
And Jay , your part of an idiotic group that thinks you and the world can survive by planting tomatoes in a back yard flower pot.
Posted by GWL 61 at 6:09PM CDT 08/24/15
Not really GWL, why do you think I am not part of that special interest group called "big ag"? Why would I subscribe to DTN if I were not part of "the machine"? Just because I beleive in science and understand the effects of carbon on the atmosphere doesn't put me into your stereotype group. Bryce's article is built on science, proven science that has serious implications for our future. Sadly history will point to an idiotic group but they don't plant tomatoes in back yard flower pots, they deny reality.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 9:23PM CDT 08/24/15

Thursday 08/20/15

Rains Affect Prairies Harvest
Rain is needed for late-maturing crops, but rain is now becoming a problem for increasing swathing and combining operations across Western Canada.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:44AM CDT 08/20/15 by Doug Webster | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Monday 08/17/15

Rainy September Possible
The U.S. forecast model has heavy rain indicated again for the western Midwest during September.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 2:28PM CDT 08/17/15 by Bryce Anderson | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Thursday 08/13/15

More Rain, Lower Temperatures Ahead for Western Canada
Hot weather is about to be history across Western Canada as low pressure and a cold front bring another burst of rain followed by much lower temperatures.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Wednesday 08/12/15

July Temperatures Helped Crops
In many respects, Corn Belt temperatures in July trended toward the cool side just like was observed a year ago, when corn production and yield set new records.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:46PM CDT 08/12/15 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
Comments (3)
Ear count means nothing if you don't get any rain to make the kernels develop. Not everyone got too much rain and supposedly ideal weather conditions for a bumper crop. Minnesota is rated as really good - well, I'm in Minnesota and I'm burning up !!! By the time USDA"s folly in manipulating the numbers comes to light it will be too late for many farmers. They will be broke and gone, but the USDA people will get raises and bonuses. Go Figure !!!!!
Posted by Unknown at 9:14PM CDT 08/12/15
It will be interesting of course to see where we go from here. If the August USDA yield of 168.8 bu/A verifies, it would be another instance where an El Nino crop year results in above-trendline corn yields. Trendline for this year is approximately 167 bu/A--again, the USDA number.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 7:23AM CDT 08/13/15
With 87 counties in Illinois 53 counties in Indiana in a disaster declaration hard to believe they could have a very high ear count people believe what they want to.
Posted by Unknown at 12:54PM CDT 08/13/15

Monday 08/10/15

Wide Variety in Midwest Rain
A big swath of high-productivity ground in the north and central Midwest was bypassed by rain in the past seven days.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Thursday 08/06/15

Most of W. Canada Moisture Situation Improves
Rainfall returned to W. Canada just in time to save many crops from failure and restore soil moisture to improved levels for many areas.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:40AM CDT 08/06/15 by Doug Webster | 0 Comments | Post a Comment

Wednesday 08/05/15

Dryness Forming in ECB
The past two weeks have seen a definite drier trend in the eastern Midwest, following the heavy rains earlier this season.[Read Full Blog Post]
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Sunday 08/02/15

Wet Harvest Possible With El Nino
Above-normal fall precipitation -- followed by a drier winter -- has forecasters cautious about El Nino effects for the upper Missouri River basin.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 7:33PM CDT 08/02/15 by Bryce Anderson | Post a Comment
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El Nino continues to intensify. Eastern Pacific temperatures logged by my colleague Mike Palmerino came in at 2.7 degrees Celsius above normal for July. Those departures were +2.7C in June. Mike's records go back to 1949. In that time, the only other year that had a July departure warmer than this was the great El Nino of 1997-1998. The departure in July 1997 was +3.3C.
Posted by Bryce Anderson at 10:08AM CDT 08/03/15

Thursday 07/30/15

Beneficial Rains Fall on Many Parts of the Prairies
Recent rains across most of the Prairies have elevated soil moisture and alleviated crop stress to many crops.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:33AM CDT 07/30/15 by Doug Webster | 0 Comments | Post a Comment
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