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Friday 01/11/13

Monsanto's Brazil Royalty Talks
Monsanto is seeking a deal with Brazilian farmers to resolve the dispute over Roundup Ready patents, but farmers aren't interested in what is on the table at present.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 3:54PM CST 01/11/13 by Alastair Stewart | Post a Comment
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Royalties for Monsanto? I'm sure they hope to collect enough to offset mounting losses from around the Globe. The entire system is in need of an overhaul. The real problem with the existing technology is it�s simply obsolete, as it was based on decades old understanding, conventional wisdom and science. We now know: (1) There is no �junk� DNA or RNA-shouldn't we find out what the rest of it does before we try to manipulate it�s function, particularly in the light of a growing understanding that the processes in Cells, as they are in the rest of the universe, are happening on a Quantum scale. (2) Even Nanotechnology is evolving. We've now discovered that the SHAPE of a particle dictates function as well as it�s inherent properties. (3) A recent experiment involving the bombardment of a strain of DNA with ions, showed that once the DNA lattice was removed, the remaining ions remained in the shape of the DNA Protein chain. We can now SEE particles on a sub-atomic scale. Cern's Great Hadron Collider, which had previously isolated the Higgs-Boson Particle, has, based on that discovery, found another unexpected new particle associated with it. Emerging Science and it�s associated Technology is emerging on an accelerated scale. Biotechnology IS probably a great direction to move into. But with all the emerging problems, proven and needing to be investigated, it would be prudent for the companies like Monsanto to �mend their fences� with their adversaries, get �down and dirty� once again with America�s Farmers, and head back to the lab (All those fresh Scientists and Equipment that their Strategic Alliance with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals could be a great core start for that.) using the newest techniques, ideas and understandings to create the next generation of Bio-Tech that comes not only with a Patent, but with full assurances it will do what we want it to without the �side effects�.
Posted by Ric Ohge at 1:37PM CST 01/14/13
I dont think Biotech companies have actually created DNA its self base by base as in the order of A T C G what it has successfully done is manipulated DNA RNA between species and the insertion protocols as in Agrobacterium Electroporation Gene gun Plasmids etcc and therefore should only be granted a patent on the innovation of protocols not patent on actual genes which were merely manipulated. Therefore genes themselves existing in nature should always be of public domain as for the seed industry once the content of seed and its potential has transferred its a done deal charge all you have to charge upfront. In the world I would not pay for a car and every time I drove it nor I would be paying Diesel Bosch Goodyear etc... and millions of other patents within in addition I could buy a car and sell every bolt its mine; now I understand I could not build a factory and start making cars. Why is this still going on, agriculture is like any other industry use the patent precedents.
Posted by G C at 8:10PM CST 01/23/13
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