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Friday 12/06/13

Negotiate the Bt Maze
Trait rotation table helps sort Bt traits and head off resistance.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:55AM CST 12/06/13 by Pam Smith | Post a Comment
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The elephant in the room would be root causation for resistance. What is the point at which the advantage of genetically modified plants are outweighed by the inevitability of their failure? I'm confounded at the continued push towards the use Bt traits in seeds. Producers are usually very forward thinking, and as the issue of resistance continues to mount, where is the tipping point? We are seeing similar results to the rampant use of antibiotics on antibiotic resistant bacteria. Compared to antibiotic use, introduction Bt traits are in a relatively infant stage. Perhaps there is still time to mitigate what appears to be inevitable.
Posted by BRYAN BILTOFT at 9:44AM CST 12/09/13
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