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Friday 08/15/14

Yield Countdown
Ready, set ... scout. Why I'll take a calculator to the 2014 Midwest Crop Tour.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 2:13PM CDT 08/15/14 by Pam Smith | Post a Comment
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I would like someones opinion on what average yields might be in northeast mo. with out naming names a reliable source told me low corn yields would still be around 150 bu. per acre, I personally i haven't had yields like that in ten years. I wouldn't consider myself to be an effective corn grower for this reason. I feel like i throw a lot of money towards growing an above average crop. My corn usually looks better than average. when I go to the coffee shop I find most corn yields were better than mine. you might laugh when you read this, but conscientiously I know I should be taking more soil samples and probably be adding some micro nutrients. From an educated standpoint I don't know how to aproach this. Soil samples from the fertilizer companies say one thing. sample from the ext. service say another. Recent lime aplications might not show true ph levels. My soils vary dramaticaly as well as slopes in the same fields. Planting dates with in the same field for optimum emerence could very as much as eight days. Any help woud be appreciated. I know each person may have different theory, but lots of information is the only way to come up with something that might work for me.
Posted by doug hawes at 6:32PM CDT 08/17/14
Doug I think there are a lot of good questions in your post. I'm on the crop tour at the moment, but promise I will dig into this for you. Can you email me at
Posted by Pamela Smith at 2:37AM CDT 08/19/14
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