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Tuesday 08/07/12

Embracing The August Blues
A common summer perennial becomes more than a weed in a drought region. Is it also a sign of blue skies ahead?[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 6:22AM CDT 08/07/12 by Pam Smith | Post a Comment
Comments (3)
Pam: Yet another name I have heard for chicory is "blue devil". The beautiful blue of its flower seems to be most intense in the early morning sunlight. Varieties of chicory have been bred as a forage/grazing plant.
Posted by Campbell Ian at 9:44AM CDT 08/08/12
That's a new name on me. Thanks for sharing! It seems there may even been some medicinal reasons for livestock grazing on chicory. I think it is interesting that it sometimes takes a drought for us to see the common things that surround us.
Posted by Pamela Smith at 4:43PM CDT 08/09/12
Upon landing in Dusseldorf, Germany this morning, the first thing I noticed was the blue chicory along the roadway.
Posted by Pamela Smith at 3:30AM CDT 09/18/12
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