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Friday 01/24/14

Rotate Your Thinking
The secret to co-existing with nature is not to try to outsmart it.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 2:08PM CST 01/24/14 by Pam Smith | Post a Comment
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We need another rotational crop that will break things up even more. I would love to see the ethanol plants accept milo here in the northern third of the corn belt. We could probably inter-plant milo in standing wheat...raise 90% of a good wheat yield, and 85% of a good milo yield. Lot of guys here in Ohio are trying it with soybeans...but I fear it's raising their nematode levels and soybeans need more water than milo in August to make a yield.....
Posted by Dave Watson at 8:24AM CST 01/27/14
Dave--interesting thought. Are you saying farmers are inter-cropping soybeans into standing wheat?
Posted by Pamela Smith at 4:46AM CST 01/29/14
Last year, in my corner of the world, waterhemp showed up for numerous farmers even where multiple- herbicides have been used and rotation practiced. I'm one of those smug farmers who thought they could fool mother nature and lost! Still, when you farm next to a city (Cedar Rapids) that uses 1.1 million bu of corn daily, and pays well for it, the profitability of growing corn is hard to ignore. I just have to shake my head and roll my eyes when the University "experts" start penciling generic numbers to MY farm!
Posted by Curt Zingula at 7:24AM CST 01/31/14
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