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Monday 09/24/12

Romney Leads Obama Among Rural Voters in Swing States

A new poll of 600 voters in nine swing state rural counties shows President Barack Obama has lost support in rural America over the past four years.

Republican Mitt Romney has a 54-40 lead over the president, according to the National Rural Assembly poll released Monday.

The poll surveyed 600 likely voters in nonmetropolitan counties in the swing states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

In a broad array of issues examining which candidate better sides with their opinions, Romney was ahead in all but one -- addressing the needs and concerns of women, in which the president held a 5-point lead.

On Representing your views on illegal immigration, Romney had a 19-point advantage. (The poll had several questions examining views on immigration)

On Improving the economy, Romney carried a 17-point advantage, 54% to 37%.

On Sharing your values, Romney had a 14-point advantage.

The poll asked if people are better off or worse off now than four years ago. 23% said they were better off; 43% said worse off; and 35% said about the same.

Overall, the polling showed 53% of the participants in the poll considered themselves as Republicans or leaning Republican while 39% considered themselves as Democrats or leaning Democrats.

Four years ago, Obama tied with John McCain on the question "who's best for rural issues?" The poll gave Romney a 10-point edge on that question.

The DailyYonder reported full results of the poll, as well as how the numbers have changed in recent presidential elections.…

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that over the past two weeks Romney's support among Americans over age 60 has crumbled from a 20-point lead over the president to less than 4 points. The issue of Medicare has taken its toll on Romney's support.…

Posted at 6:54AM CDT 09/24/12 by Chris Clayton
Comments (7)
4 years ago stock market was 8000, banks needed an $800 billion bail out from Pres. Bush, Iraq cost another $800 billion, unemployment was double digit, SO WHO SAYS IT WAS BETTER? Reality is that majority of rural Americans would have a hard time explaining to the Grand Wizard why they voted for Obama!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 9:53AM CDT 09/24/12
Obama's policies and results are bad for rural America. Its no surprise that he will be fired in November.
Posted by Paul Beiser at 9:57AM CDT 09/24/12
Dont know where you live Paul,,,, Ive NEVER made so much money an farming since I started in 1979! Lets all just pretend things were better before,,, you say it enough it becomes reality.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 10:02AM CDT 09/24/12
So. MN. My great grandfather settled our farm in 1890. Sure many farmers sure well off financially but rural America as a whole is not doing as well as it could be doing. I'm also in the construction industry which is and has been terrible for years with no end in sight.
Posted by Paul Beiser at 10:49AM CDT 09/24/12
My ancestors settled this farm in 1850 and there were greater times before but not since I started in 1979 have I seen better. But yes I know Ag had better times. My other biz deals with architectural elements for restaurants and "job creator" homes and it is doing very well now, much better then the last year of Bush, I can't see where Romney has given any indication his policies will make things better only give bigger tax cuts to the job creators but hey go for it, you know exactly how he feels about the 47%!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 12:47PM CDT 09/24/12
I am sorry Jay but if you are going to give Obama the credit for the terrible growing conditions throughout the rest of the worl the past 2 years and some areas of the US this year that is driving prices up, you are dreaming. Also, giving him credit for the profits you are making this year means you also have to credit him with the loss others are feeling due to extremely low yields. Obama is already taking credit for the increase in GDP that was driven by the high commodity prices and the need of other countries aroudn the world to p;urchase these needed products from the US but we have had years of low yields as well and were not able to export nearly as much as other years. We have been fortunate that more of our country did not suffer the drought that so many did. Also, if you look back at the last 2 years of Bush's time in office, you would recall that those years, the Dems had majorities in both houses and that is when the housing bust occurred as well as the big banking troubles since the Dem's refused to investigate or put restrictions on them. If you want to believe the Dem's are our saviors, that is your opinion but I will differ with you until the day on die on that matter.
Posted by Dale Paisley at 2:20PM CDT 09/24/12
I agree Dale! There have been 2 great presidents in modern times that have lowered tax rates and boosted total revenue to the federal gov. KENNEDY AND REAGAN. If dems would be intellectually honest, they should recognize that putting more people on public handouts only worsens society long term. The private sector will not hire workers until they have a stable environment that will allow their businesses to flourish. RAISING TAX RATES DISCOURAGES HIRING OF EMPLOYEES. But if you are of the ilk that thinks bigger government is the key to success then you have absolutely no understanding of macroeconomics.
Posted by Paul Beiser at 7:38AM CDT 09/26/12
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