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Thursday 09/13/12

Petition Filed Seeking to Force Farm Bill Vote in the House

At least we will see how many congressmen are willing to go to the mat, so to speak, for the farm bill.

Rep. Bruce Braley, an Iowa Democrat, filed a petition Thursday seeking force House leaders to bring the Agriculture Committee's farm bill to the floor for a vote. Thirty nine House members, including nine Republicans, signed the petition when it was filed, but the petition needs 218 members -- the number it takes to pass a bill -- to force House leaders to bring up the bill.

“Today, we took a tremendous step forward toward forcing a vote on the Farm Bill. After 65 days of dithering and distraction, Speaker Boehner has finally allowed the bill to be released from Committee," Braley stated. "Today, I’ve filed my bipartisan discharge petition to force this bill to the Floor. I urge my colleagues to sign the petition immediately."

This, of course is pursuant to clause 2 of rule XV, which allows lawmakers to use such procedures.

The nine Republicans bucking the leadership in the initial petition include: Rick Berg of North Dakota, Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, Rick Crawford of Arkansas, Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri, Chris Gibson of New York, Timothy Johnson of Illinois, Kristie Noem of South Dakota, Jeanne Schmidt of Ohio and Denny Rehberg of Montana.

Berg and Rehberg are running for Senate in their respective states.

Lawmakers are being asked to add their names. The American Soybean Association issued a news release effectively asking for House members to back the petition.

"If it takes Congressman Braley’s petition to make that happen, we’re behind it, and we encourage every member of the House that has a stake in ensuring certainty for America’s farmers to sign it," ASA stated.

Along with the petition from Braley, Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., sent around another letter to fellow lawmakers seeking backers to push a meeting with House leaders to discuss bringing the bill to the floor.

The petition:…

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Posted at 8:57PM CDT 09/13/12 by Chris Clayton
Comments (3)
So who is pressuring Congressman Braley to pressure for this vote? I think it's time to look and see. This is what Cody Brown had to say:"Saying that you promised to end lobbyist contributions but didnâ?™t promise not to accept those contributions doesnâ?™t pass the sniff test," said Cody Brown, advisor to Ben Langeâ?™s congressional campaign. "Congressmen Braley should come clean. Iowans deserve answers." Braleyâ?™s confusing and contorted response to these new disclosures have raised new and deeper questions surrounding the veracity of Braleyâ?™s response and the influence that special interests play in Braleyâ?™s Washington office. Prior to his election, Braley pledged to "end lobbyistsâ?™ cozy relationship with our representatives" by banning federal lobbyists from contributing to members of Congress. But according to todayâ?™s report in the Gazette, Braley has accepted "$70,000 from registered lobbyists" since arriving in Washington and, according to the House Lobbying Disclosure website, Braley has accepted over $1 million from other organizations and special interest groups affiliated with the lobbying industry. The supports of this "Petition" are among a list of Congressmen who have received high dollar contributions from Industries, Lawyers Groups and undisclosed individuals, more often than not, from outside their District and respective States. So...why is this group REALLY in such a hurry? [Inquiring minds want to know...]
Posted by Ric Ohge at 9:52AM CDT 09/14/12
Come on Ric, we all know why. It's because farmers need this bill for forward planning. This couldn't be any farther than the truth. When we see congress push for something at last minute in a " must have attitude", we know they are pushing pork fat to their cronies. Simply put they could pass an extension of farm programs for next year and crops get planned and planted. However that's not where the money is made. Money is made adding new twists and turns allowing more cash grabs. Look at the crappy dairy insurance legislation in new farm bill. Instead of fixing a corrupt pricing system, they want farmers to buy revenue insurance. This will allow processors and retailers the ability to always have profit. There is no incentive for prices to be paid to cover costs let alone a profit. Tax payers will get hosed also. But we need this farm bill passed now!!! What a crock of crap! What they really mean is, we got this thing the way big ag and political cronies benefit. So pass it quick before anybody reads it.
Posted by Frank Thomas at 8:37AM CDT 09/17/12
Spot on, Frank, Spot on. Some of the big boys, and I won't say who, right now, are already field testing a whole new generation of products, and as usual, the Farmers are going to be the REAL Field Testers. So getting this into place pre-deployment, will hopefully take most the onus off the Companies deploying the new tech if the experiment goes belly up on them. I keep thinking the Corporations MIGHT awaken to the realization if they obliterate enough of the sources for the up-flow of revenue they so treasure, the revenue just might stop. Of course, that's Business 101, and it seems most of these big companies are so focused on being Market "Devious" such concepts are not currently being entertained.
Posted by Ric Ohge at 10:01AM CDT 09/17/12
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