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Monday 09/10/12

No Farm Bill This Week as Farmers Rally in D.C.

My apologies for tardiness today. I was out the door early this morning and on the road.

Thus, I didn't have a chance to pay a lot of attention to the farm-bill rally buildup at the Capitol on Wednesday. Apparently, neither did House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va. Cantor's schedule shows the House will be busy this week with the Cabin Fee Act, the Lions Club Commemorative Coin Act, correcting errors to the Trademark Act of 1946, the No-Hassles Flying Act (seriously, as if it isn't hassle enough now, Congress has to make it worse?) and the No More Solyndras Act, known locally as the I Want to Be on Hannity Tonight Act.

Despite the powerhouse aggie lineup for Wednesday's rally, what isn't on Cantor's schedule is the farm bill. Cantor either wasn't shown enough love, still resents when some FFA kids shoved him in a locker, or got the memo that Paul Ryan is on the presidential ticket.

Regardless, farm groups and some lawmakers are going to continue to make their case for the farm bill this week.

Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., will hold a presser on Tuesday to champion a five-year bill and perhaps clarify some statements about disaster aid.

The National Farmers Union also released the list of speakers for the rally. National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson noted the "sheer magnitude of the diversified support for this rally is a testament that, while we may all have wide-ranging and oftentimes divergent policy priorities, our primary policy at this critical moment in time is to see a complete, five-year farm bill passed into law by the end of September.

Lawmakers scheduled to speak include Stabenow Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan.; Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., ranking member of the Committee on Agriculture; and Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D.

Johnson and American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman will serve as the masters of ceremonies for the rally.

Other speakers include:

Fred Yoder, representative of 25x’25;

Daren Coppock, president and CEO of Agricultural Retailers Association;

Ambassador Tony P. Hall, executive director of Alliance to End Hunger;

Jon Scholl, president of American Farmland Trust;

Steve Wellman, president of American Soybean Association;

Gene Schmidt, president of National Association of Conservation Districts;

Bing Von Bergen, first vice president of National Association of Wheat Growers;

Sally Greenberg, executive director of National Consumers League;

Garry Niemeyer, president of National Corn Growers Association;

Ken Nobis, president of Michigan Milk Producers Association.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be Washington because, well, it seems pretty clear nothing is going to get done this week.

By the way, the American Enterprise Institute has its own website on the farm bill as well. The group calls it "American Boondoggle." You may remember AEI as a group many agricultural organizations partnered with on the climate legislation a few years ago.

I can be found on Twitter @ChrisClaytonDTN

Posted at 9:19PM CDT 09/10/12 by Chris Clayton
Comments (6)
Surprise...the folks pushing for fast passage represent Industrial Farming, which as it sits, stands to gain a lot more from the present "incarnation" of the Bill than will Small/Independent/Family Farmers. I's a dead horse-but WHY are even cutting THIS bill, when there are so many "Sacred Cows", like the Defense Budget, "The War On Drugs", and Government Expenses, ALL of which seem overdue for some "Slice and Dice" action? **sigh**
Posted by Ric Ohge at 11:45AM CDT 09/11/12
This makes me embarassed to call myself a farmer. After years of record profits in a no risk industry due to subsidized insurance our reps are on the hill begging for welfare. We farmers should be ashamed of our greed!
Posted by Bill Billson at 4:03PM CDT 09/11/12
Bill, the gov't and the U.S. tax payer has their own self-interest in mind when they share risk with farm producers. It's a win-win.
Posted by Mathew Elliott at 5:08PM CDT 09/11/12
In principle I agree, Bill, however you are only referencing 20% of the moola. That includes the overhead. Most of the story is outside of the picture frame.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 7:59PM CDT 09/11/12
You all missed the point. Somebody is going to be made winner so they can dole out money. Everytime they handle money politicians and their cronies have oppurtunity to rake in big bucks. Look at the green things Obama has done. Many of those entities have gone away but people got a big cut of money. This farm bill will come when big ag says so. They need to get pass election , so they can load up with pocket filling amendments. Look at dairy legislatiOn being pushed. It is not good for regular dairyfarms and gives tax payer nothing for their contribution. But big ag has it's sweaty hands all over it, for it allows for more control and consolidation of the dairy industry. When big ag can control ; then that's when money runs one way.
Posted by Frank Thomas at 8:31AM CDT 09/12/12
Look at the green things??? Ever check oil subsidies including military costs in the Mideast? What return has Iraq war given us?
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 5:38AM CDT 09/14/12
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