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Thursday 12/05/13

Farm Bill Looking Less Likely
The people debating whether to push work requirements for able-bodied food stamp recipients are having trouble getting their work done before the end of the year.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 7:56PM CST 12/05/13 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
Comments (8)
The farm programs have turned into a cash cow instead of a safety net.We should have to show a loss or no gain to be eligable for any farm payments.If you can't farm in this day in age without aid your in trouble before you even get started.Good farmers can farm on their own.
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 7:15AM CST 12/10/13
Maybe we should have the same requirements for the "able-bodied food stamp recipients" for the farmers? or for both we should bring out a bathroom scales and weigh them,,,, how many farmers would get aid then?????
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 9:19AM CST 12/10/13
Since both of you are dead against farm subsidies, why don't you give back the cash cow dollars that you have received over the past years and help out the national debt a little bit. I bet that if you walk into the FSA office and tell them that you would like to re-pay all of that money, they would figure out where to send it. Just a thought. After all, good farmers don't need it.
Posted by Mr. Brandy at 12:00PM CST 12/10/13
There is no point in giving any money back. Obama and the liberals in congress have an endless supply of money to give out. See
Posted by Sally Benson at 12:36PM CST 12/10/13
Mr Brandy I could do it, but it would just end up going to someone like you.And i'll say it again good smart farmers don't need it.
Posted by Raymond Simpkins at 2:55PM CST 12/10/13
I guess you really howled when Reagan tripled the debt and when Bush took Clintons surplus and ran up a debt Sally??? How do you "fiscal conservatives" justify $800 billion for the war in Iraq??? What did we get in return for that one?
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 6:22AM CST 12/13/13
Jay, take the excess payments into the general fund of SS and remove the moving of future retirement payments of fed workers to pay for current expenses and your Clinton surpluses disappear. And what has main street gotten out of the 935 billion pumped into the bond market by Obama this year alone. With so many touting how worthless Regans trickle down theory was, exactly what is pumping a trillion a year into Wall Street really doing? Come on, city and state, big boy.
Posted by CRAIG MOORE at 9:48AM CST 12/16/13
You forgot Jay how liberals and democrats refused to cut insane government spending as Reagan wanted.
Posted by W Kuster at 2:20PM CST 12/17/13
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