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Friday 11/08/13

Obama Cites Farm Bill as Top Economic Priority
In a speech in New Orleans today, President Barack Obama listed passing a farm bill as the No. 1 way that Democrats and Republicans can increase jobs in the economy.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 8:21PM CST 11/08/13 by Jerry Hagstrom | Post a Comment
Comments (7)
Vile congressman ever pandering for votes and donations from the largest wealthiest farmers have for decades showered the largest and most profitable farmers with billions in insurance subsidies and insurance investment/profit guarantees. This despicable crony capitalism has nearly totally neutered the financial viability of smaller farmers. Congressmen voting for this corruption have stolen from generations of smaller farmers any chance of competing in the agricultural business. Billions in financial enhancements for those with the greatest net worths and go find another line of work for smaller farmers has been these congressmen's plans for too long. Not surprising at all that someone as corrupt and fraudulent as Obama would like to see this continue.
Posted by John Olson at 10:12PM CST 11/08/13
Obama would rather talk about anything but Obama Care lies, Fast and Furious lies, IRS targeting of conservatives, NSA spying lies. He even lies about his lies and says we are to stupid to know he really means. Anyone who is the slightest bit informed has to know that the liberal left are NUTS. Socialism has failed every where it has been tried. Venezuela is just the latest example of that.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 9:36AM CST 11/11/13
John Do you have any idea what the farm bill is all about? My bet is all you know is what you "heard." Notice how 80% of the farm program is food stamps? Notice how many fat poor people the US has? Think there is a relationship there? 20% going to so many programs doesn't leave as much as you think for the "millionaire" farmers.
Posted by CRAIG MOORE at 10:31AM CST 11/11/13
hey Craig, I see more fat farmers then fat poor people. So why do you pick on the poor, do you think cutting all aid to poor people will make a balanced budget? What about corporate subsidies and military? What return are we getting from our little iraq snafu? Both you and Gordon should listen to something other then Rush and Hanity.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 11:09AM CST 11/11/13
I do I have read lots of Obama speeches, lots of his writings. When he was still an Il. senator I followed him and when he became a U.S. Senator his 1st and second auto biographies, why the second one I have no idea? Must have got the first one wrong. His whole up bringing was with socialist, his father, mother. his grandparents and the mentor his grandparents chose for him was Frank Marshal Davis a communist and head of the Chicago communist newspaper. He just cant help what he is. Obama just doesn't like America the way it is set up and was founded, he has just as much as said so.
Posted by GORDON KEYES at 12:35PM CST 11/11/13
Get your eyes checked, Jay. Amazing how you can tell if one is poor, a farmer or a poor farmer. Must have an acute extra sense of perception.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 7:00PM CST 11/11/13
Jay Thanks for coming back as the regular blowhard you are. Still don't have the guts to give me you city and state so I can look up how truthful you are on who you are. And again, I am Craig A. Moore living in Billings, MT. You can look me up and I am on facebook so you can also check that out. Really, who are you?
Posted by CRAIG MOORE at 8:55AM CST 11/13/13
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