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Thursday 08/30/12

GOP's Biggest Fears for Ag if Obama is Re-elected
In a speech to agricultural groups on Wednesday in Tampa, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., couldn't resist injecting some humor into the presidential election.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 10:41AM CDT 08/30/12 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
Comments (9)
Oh power. Control is what it is all over. Who controls the money and deciding who gets it. No different between parties. I guess if we can call the weather " climate change"; then politician can call this phenonomen "pocket change". Your money going in to politician and their crony buddies pockets.
Posted by Frank Thomas at 7:20AM CDT 08/31/12
I am still waiting for any Republican to not speak in such over the top form and give an honest accounting of what their policy objectives are. Some things are funny, but when your battle is to allow more manure to be dumped in the water system or give farmers a pass on reasonable care for children and workers, I am not laughing and neither are the vast majority of our fellow citizenry, i.e., your customers. What level of regulation is reasonable? How fat should our population be and when are they so fat we can actually seriously mention it without some uproar over a "free" country and screams we do not need a healthcare policy that faces the realities of our actions? Have you seen these kids getting on the bus or gettting out the car at the school door? How about some serious comments from a politician that has taken millions of dollars over the years from this very government he attacks with no apparent unease?
Posted by Don Thompson at 9:07AM CDT 08/31/12
The only policies that either Party will be concerned with if elected, are the ones that line their pockets the most. Roberts, by merits of what the original Senate Ag Committee "discussions" indicated, sees the Bill as a Support Platform for Industrial Farming, being quite vocal about eliminating other things, and especially, Tom Vilsack's "Local-To-Market/Know Your Farmer" Program, branding it as irrelevant to "Modern Farming". I would say readily, that Washington is becoming irrelevant to modern Farming. When is a Pundit or anyone else going to ASK Farmers of ALL "Flavors" what THEY need to sustain and grow the operations and rural communities that ARE, in fact, the foundation of the American Dream?
Posted by Ric Ohge at 10:18AM CDT 08/31/12 use poop...its called fertilizer.... Please provide one example of a farmer that has wasted this resource anytime in the last 5 years since chemical fertilizer costs have skyrocketed. Also..just ban television and make kids go out and play with a stick and should also mandate free athletic shoes and free helmets. Just watch those fat cells disappear.
Posted by Paul Beiser at 4:01AM CDT 09/01/12
Are you saying Don, Farmers and Repuplicans are responsible for obesity, pollution, etc. that teaching children to know how to work and accept responibility is bad. From your comments, I do not think you have a clue. With out the most complete natural fertilizer(manure), obesity would not be a problem.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 9:39PM CDT 09/01/12
Not to throw a stick on the fire, but haven't the past 4 years been quite exceptional for farmers, in particular grain farmers? Which side gets the credit for that?
Posted by Matthew Schreurs at 8:53AM CDT 09/04/12
Matthew, I'd say the GOP gets the credit for the prices you see in ag now. One reason is the obstructionism for keeping the Bush Tax cuts, this and 2 unfunded wars that Bush created helped create the uncertainty we have now and that leads to higher commodity prices. The more important part is global climate change which intensifies droughts, we had one in South America last winter and the Midwest this summer.
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 6:39AM CDT 09/05/12
Oh and don't forget ethanol which was the GOP's answer to oil independence!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 7:00AM CDT 09/05/12
Are you totally incapable of contributing anything without bashing the GOP, free enterprize or Farm Bureau, etal? Any constuctive contribution you may have is discredited with your bias. Get yourself deprogramed.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 10:17AM CDT 09/05/12
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