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Monday 08/27/12

Pork Armegeddon and an Inconvenient Climate for Ag Policy
In a report posted on Monday, Purdue University extension economist Chris Hurt laid out the doomsday outlook for pork producers that is akin to a giant asteroid scenario. Dan Glickman makes a similar pitch on ag's lack of climate study.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 4:40PM CDT 08/27/12 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
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What a doomsday "guess" of future scenario Glickman presented. We know from fact that Glickman is an expert on climate change, because he said so!! What about policy that has driven food ag into a corner?what about other droughts in the past? What about future policy that targets food as 1 priority? I know before Jay gets this, I'm a doubter. These people who use disaster, poor gov policy and anything out of norm to further build big gov are very misguided. Gov doesn't raise food or grow it. It only regulates and distributes what somebody else has produced. No paper policy is going to actually feed anybody. Food producers will eventually require being paid upfront before producing. It has been to easy for USDA and big corps to manipulate farm food commodity prices so farmers are struggling. Look at dairy , hog , chicken and other food producers and each are struggling. Ethanol and corrupt no parity pay prices have crippled America's food supply! Drink ethanol!
Posted by Frank Thomas at 6:23PM CDT 08/27/12
Corporate farming in CAFOs is only a few years old, like fossil fuels it is still "experimental" and also like fossil fuels it will fail us because it is unsustainable. After this year society will be forced to see the reality of this but I am sure there will be many deniers, just look at Tampa this week!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 6:34AM CDT 08/28/12
Have to agree with you, Ric. But this publication is, for the most part, right on board with the banksters and the corporates. Despite all the concern in the media right now about food prices, food shortages, etc., rarely is any consideration paid to those of us who actually produce the food. It has been that way for a long time, and it is only going to get worse as our population becomes more and more urban.
Posted by Campbell Ian at 3:16PM CDT 08/28/12
Campbell: You will be getting much recognition in the future...once the world figures out that agriculture is going to be one of the most profitable businesses in the world! Who would you rather be, the consumer of the end products or the producer of the basic commodities? Well, of course, the producer of the commodities that everyone wants. Three resources of significance for the coming decades - oil, water, and grain. Here in the Midwest we are sitting on the very soils that produce all of these.
Posted by tom vogel at 3:24PM CDT 08/28/12
Tom: Perhaps you are right. However, history suggests that producers of basic commodities don't necessarily reap the rewards. True, prices are strong right now, but it is unlikely that political leaders will ever allow food prices to get too high. Farmers account for 1-2 % of the population. That's not very many votes.
Posted by Campbell Ian at 10:30PM CDT 08/28/12
This guy is a dishonest person. We are called to be good stewards, the drought is because of these government leaders lining themselves adverse against the Creator and His set order. Here'a an idea get on your knees and repent for following your self interest. Repent back to the Giver and Sustainer of Life. Take your fear mongering and go some where else. Do you really think the creature can destroy the planet God created? Then you don't know God. He's way bigger than than. We should do all we can as good stewards. But these people are idiots. signed: Bruce "somewhere" in Iowa tired of these liars and scammers Out
Posted by Bruce Cumberland at 11:54PM CDT 08/28/12
Tom, it's interesting you name the three Commodities here in the Midwest that are the foundation for the Derivatives Fortunes being made by the same Banksters, Gangsters and Shills buying up foreclosed Farms all over the country-most notably, our old friend George Soros, but including even some Rothschilds. My guess is they're not planning resorts with this "stolen" land. Over the last several decades, with a pronounced acceleration after the mid-nineties, Big Corporate interests have been moving operations off-shore, monies off-shore, have been responsible for Bank failures, the bursting of the Housing Bubble, and the divestiture of millions of the best jobs-all in exchange for short term profits, and big pay-offs from the "Rich Man's Betting Window" known as the "Derivatives Market."(If only the rest of us could afford to play-right?) Meanwhile in Michigan and other places, we entities literally destroying Farming operations that "aren't playing nice with the Commodities Market Business Model", daring ANY Farmer to think he/she can stand on their own and do "Local-To-Market" Business in their own Rural Communities. (The bottoming of the Pork Market is an interesting betrayal to the "Loyalists" of that Market) Until "WE The People" take a giant step forward by taking back our Government, our Farms, our Communities and foster a system that directly rewards the labors of ALL producers and is friendly to the Family Farms and Small Businesses in Rural America, we are ALL circling the Abyss.
Posted by Ric Ohge at 10:35AM CDT 08/29/12
So much for rising food prices...everyone should buy a cheap hog and have it by butchered at a local meat market... I smell BACON....YUMMO
Posted by Paul Beiser at 4:16AM CDT 09/01/12
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