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Saturday 08/11/12

Paul Ryan Nomination Likely Delays Farm Bill
House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan offers GOP nominee Mitt Romney a great deal as a vice presidential pick in terms of offering voters a champion for reforming the Tax Code and getting the nation's fiscal house in order. Still, his nomination effectively means the farm bill will be shelved in the House until after the presidential election.[Read Full Blog Post]
Posted at 9:02AM CDT 08/11/12 by Chris Clayton | Post a Comment
Comments (16)
Now that's fast analysis.
Posted by William Harshaw at 10:28AM CDT 08/11/12
Once AGAIN it is not what is best for the country or the taxpayers-----rather how do I get elected to become a career politician and get a lifetime on easy street at taxpayers expense!
Posted by n smith at 5:33PM CDT 08/11/12
Actually the only thing I agree with Ryan is the farm program! We need help with crop insurance but not direct payments! But how can anyone vote for Romney/Ryan?
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 7:48AM CDT 08/12/12
With a ballot!
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 8:30PM CDT 08/12/12
Well Jay, at least Romney/Ryan are not endorsed by the Communist Party of the United States of America. And Chris, Rep. Steve King told reporters, before Ryan's appointment, that the Farm Bill will have to be extended one year anyway due to Congressional delays.
Posted by Curt Zingula at 7:13AM CDT 08/13/12
Well Jay, at least Romney/Ryan are not endorsed by the Communist Party of the United States of America. And Chris, Rep. Steve King told reporters, before Ryan's appointment, that the Farm Bill will have to be extended one year anyway due to Congressional delays.
Posted by Curt Zingula at 7:14AM CDT 08/13/12
Having added an "extract" from the Tea Party is likely a hope of solidifying the Republican Base and garner some of Ron Paul's supporters. It's an interesting theory, but Romney's ongoing concert of gaffes continues to make the Body Politic wonder. Meanwhile, Obama continues to pursue the acquisition of ever more "Emergency Powers" for a supposed Domestic or Other Terrorist assault. He already has more Administrative authority than any sitting POTUS in History, which causes one to question whether a "False Flag" is in the works as DHS/FEMA recruits for just such an event for a simulation scheduled for later this year. Interesting-to say the least. Meanwhile, Congress mostly sits on it's hands, Administrative Departments are now free to be loaded with new appointees, since one thing it DID accomplish is end the need for "Advise and Consent" for "Lower Level" appointments. The stage is set for some serious drama. So-the Farm Bill? It's likely waiting in the wings, only to emerge if it provides some comforting distraction as the Captains of this cruise busily saw away at the bottom of our "Ship of State". Film at Eleven.
Posted by Ric Ohge at 10:08AM CDT 08/13/12
And in Iowa the Pres. is buying 130 mil. of PORK. Does this mean, we the people will be buying peanuts in Georgia, grapefruit in Florida and chicken cages in California which are too small? How much of our money will he spend to get re-elected? Then call it disaster aid.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 5:55AM CDT 08/14/12
The answer Bonnie is , all of it. These politicians spend all of it and demand more for their buddies lobbiest and reelection bids. Dems just want more entitlement and repubs want money to spread around for vote buying. B
Posted by Frank Thomas at 8:02AM CDT 08/14/12
Yep...Frank hit that nail on the head. This election, the two Parties ARE just opposite sides of the same coin...and that coin came out of your pocket. While Ryan dances the Romney pitch of "Fiscal Responsibility", he has already pulled his "Show Cards" of NDAA Endorsement, Tighter Security, and-well-generally things that will take dollars away from "Column A" and shunt the to "Column B". The Republican plans usually benefit Industry (Mainly Defense & Security Associated), while the Democrats USUALLY favor Social Entitlements. Obama, however has broken that mold, and with Biden his assured running mate, he can't easily pull out his own Paul Ryan. So it comes down to: "May the best pirate do the most rogering."
Posted by Ric Ohge at 9:31AM CDT 08/14/12
Republicans favor entitlements for the wealthy. No Billionaire left behind with the idea of trickle down to Chinese factory workers! And Curt, I don't see Romney and Ryan even endorsed by the Catholic church, with your thinking does that make the Catholics communists,,, wow, havent heard people being called communists since Vietnam War demonstrators! You must mean SOCIALISTS which is the more modern necon term for the boggy man! Still there is no movement on the farm bill because the GOP folks dont want anything to work in Obamas favor, they are willing to take down the government for this. My guess is that the drought isnt so bad as youd think farmers in the MIdwest would be angry with them dragging this out? Or maybe they hate the president so much they are willing to go down standing by politicians that want the wealthy to pay even less taxes? My guess is still that most of the country is too racist for a Black president and any excuse will do to get him out. I know, I hear and see it at the local coffee shop!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 12:20PM CDT 08/14/12
Stick to the issues jay. Who is the racist? The dems like you who keep playing race card. Everybody on here had ideas and issues. Only you brought it up so look in the mirror.
Posted by Frank Thomas at 6:04PM CDT 08/14/12
Nice race card Jay....he is as much white as he is African heritage.... His mom was a COMMUNIST. His grandparents were COMMUNISTS. His college records are sealed for a reason....he either expressed COMMUNISM beliefs or he was too lazy to go to class and participate. If he was so smart and had good grades, he would not have wiped his college career clean of everything he did for over 10 years. I could care a less what he looks like.... I dislike his policies and his politics. I also do not like the current republican leadership that is simply running for nothing but reelection. BTW wife and kids are minorities so don't even try to think that Im a racist. Please go choke on your crap somewhere else.
Posted by Paul Beiser at 6:36PM CDT 08/14/12
Above comments speak for them self! GOP is the party of the angry White male. BTW I am independent not Dem and proof of racism, all you have to do is talk to any tea bagger long enough and it comes out. Communist is the favorite term used to define anything the GOP extreme right doesn't like, you guys listen to Rush and Glenn too much! In the 70s anyone opposed to Vietnam was a Commy Pinko and look how wrong the pro Viet war people were, their hate tactics are still wrong! We live in a civil society and that will prevail in Nov election, most people are now beyond racism and no tolerance of people not like themselves. Sorry guys, it's no longer 1950 and even then the GOP wasn't this extreme ! Civil rights are not "Communism" and Joe McCarthy is not considered a national hero today but Dr. King is!
Posted by Jay Mcginnis at 5:41AM CDT 08/15/12
Dr. King was a registered Republican. Republicans passed the civil rights act despite a majority of democrats that voted against it. Congressman Alan West (R) is one of the leaders of the tea party. Is he a racist? Communism is a political philosophy...not a name I call someone...its how they themselves describe themselves...Obama simply doesn't have a pair large enough to come right out and admit that he is one. There are dozens of democrats in DC that are card carrying members of Communist Party USA ----fact, not fiction.
Posted by Paul Beiser at 4:18PM CDT 08/15/12
You are correct, Jay, most people are beyond racism. You should try it.
Posted by Bonnie Dukowitz at 6:39PM CDT 08/15/12
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